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As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

You’ve been sitting for almost an hour in a trip that usually takes you 15 minutes. Everybody is honking, lights are flashing yet there is no movement at all. Motorcycles are passing on each side of your car and all you can do is stare and sigh.  Precious minutes, hoping a hug from the kids, a hot plate after a cold shower and the warmth of your favorite Lazy Boy.

So now you want a motorcycle, too! Problem is, how do you start? Here are some suggestions:

For a traffic warrior, I suggest an automatic scooter, also called a twist and go. Make sure that when you mount on one, both feet are flat on the ground. You are comfortable with the seat as well as the arms. Put up the side-stand and feel the weight of the bike while standing up. With hands on the handlebars, sway it left and right. First step is done.

Next is the ever-important Safety Gears. Start with the Helmet, the research and development of which is very important just as it is a very good investment. Considering that you do not intend to test its strength, it is best that you are comfortable using it. Ears must not be pinched, your cheeks are a bit pressed on the foams, restricting the side to side motion. Have a feel in the top part also, you wish it has more cushion because later on the weight of the helmet will be pressing down on you on every bump in the road. Look for those helmets that have a sun visor. You will love the functionality. Full face is a bit hot, half-face may offer a much lower protection.  

Next gear is a pair of Riding Gloves, take those with palm pads and Kevlar knuckles. Most often than not, we usually extend our hands if we are about to fall. We don’t want to pick those tiny pebbles in your soft hands.  Then you’ll need Shoes, those “Racing Tsinelas” won’t do you any good, it will not only spoil your pedicure but it can be the cause for you to slip or be snagged. Sneakers can be okay at first, just be sure to hide those laces or better yet no lace or strings at all. These are pretty much the basic gears for a short trip, maybe for a “pandesal” errand or for a quick stroll. This is not advisable for speeds of more than 40 kms per hour.

Are motorcycles dangerous? My answer is no. The rider who has sole control of the machine can be a victim of his own doing. Speeding up is useless, unless it is a race. A race on the streets has no trophies or recognition of any sort.  Riders just speed up when he/she knows that the road is clear. One must be good in anticipation, he should always be aware of its surroundings. One must see beforehand if a passenger jeep is stopping or if a car is entering a gas station. Always assume that no one sees you, be careful on intersections, pedestrians looks for cars while crossing not motorbikes. A dog you are passing maybe already under your wheels in the blink of an eye.  Ride at your own pace and stay right if you are slow. 

Enjoy every twist of the throttle.

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