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As the CoViD-19 global pandemic continues to wreak havoc not only on public health but also on commerce, a silver lining seems to appear for The Covenant Car Company Inc (TCCCI).

That silver lining is the steady influx of inquiries from customers interested in buying its cars after the lifting of the Luzon-wide extended enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Lawyer Albert Arcilla, TCCCI president and CEO, told Inquirer Motoring recently, “We continue to receive a steady influx of inquiries from clients looking to purchase a brand new vehicle, while our aftersales and customer service teams address service-related inquiries.”

TCCCI is the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet automobiles and parts. It had also expanded its portfolio to take in MG.

Arcilla added that the company also made sure that its people were taken care of during the quarantine. “Weeks before the ECQ, we carried out our Service Operations Resiliency Program (SORP) which established a work-from-home scheme for our TCCCI stewards. At the onset of the announcement of the ECQ, we provided our employees with the financial support to be able to purchase essentials, while having funds for any emergencies that may arise.”

Arcilla acknowledged social media as crucial in its communications with customers.

“Social media has always been a key component of our communication strategy, and it continues to be so during this crisis. We have been able to use it successfully to inform our clients about dealership schedules, warranty updates and extensions, loan payment extensions, PMS rescheduling, and other notable concerns. The various platforms on social media have been good channels to connect and communicate with many of our clients, as they have found these methods convenient to use. We are fortunate that we had established an online infrastructure that now assists our clients and service groups to coordinate effectively,” he explained.

Arcilla added: “On the distributorship level, we continue to work online and take this opportunity to focus on programs and action points with our principals, dealer partners, and our clients that are focused on how to best reboot the business when regular work resumes. We are also cognizant of the service and automotive needs of our clients so we need to be available at all times as much as possible. These operations continue through online channels.

“On the dealership levels, their operations are dictated by the regulations implemented on their region and locales. While generally all dealerships exercise the community quarantine imposed on their areas of operations, we have provided them with general protocols on operations given the current situation, and ensured our dealers and clients of the available support from the respective service groups of the company.”

On how quickly TCCCI can bounce back when things get “back to normal”, Arcilla leaves a considerable leeway to a much higher power. “We have gone through many incidents that may have quickly taken away our drive, but as a company, we have seen the hand that drives us all and we remain still and steadfast knowing that our God is in control. And from Him, all wisdom shall emanate and that includes how to recover from this health crisis.

“We have collectively started our recovery programs which we will quickly implement in phases depending on the national policies that will be implemented as the days progress. The automotive industry is integral to the economy and as soon as businesses and the people can reconnect, we will be there to move them.

“Once this crisis is over, and everyone is ready to celebrate, we will be there celebrating with them. In the meantime, we are thankful to all our frontliners, and will support them in their work and needs. And we will be constantly mindful of our responsibility to our clients, and our roles in helping rebuild our communities and our country.”

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