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The country’s armies of jostling motorcycle-riding delivery guys have been hailed as saviors during this COVID-19 pandemic, keeping us locked down citizens fed and well stocked. Gone is the routine visit to fast food restaurants, eateries and other stores as we now rely on these delivery personnel to minimize chance of infection due to paranoia over the virus.

With the entire Luzon and several parts of the country on quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobility is practically at a standstill. According to a report titled “Consumer Behavior During The Pandemic,” lockdowns and quarantines have reduced mobility by 80 percent in the Philippines and Malaysia, and 60 percent in Singapore and Vietnam.

Traffic was reduced due to social distancing between people and encouraging them to stay at home.

Other than some essential services remaining open such as food delivery and medical needs, the e-Commerce industry is booming since its services help people buy what they need online and have it delivered right to their homes, thereby making delivery couriers important frontliners as well.

Of course, couriers are allowed to operate and continue doing their jobs as long as they maintain safety precautions imposed by quarantine guidelines, like wearing face masks and gloves, and being equipped with alcohol and other hygiene essentials, which were also a requirement by their own courier companies.

Shifting services

In the Philippines, riders from motorcycle taxi-hailing apps have shifted their services from providing transportation for people to delivering food and other essential goods allowing riders to continue making a living even in the face of the pandemic. This changed the buying habits as customers have shifted to receiving their meals, groceries, medicines and other items at their doorsteps or subdivision gates.

But more than just providing a means of livelihood, these riders are providing an important lifeline to many people forced to stay home through the delivery of food and medicines, not to mention aiding in the government’s efforts in keeping human interaction as minimal as possible—this set up is more protective and hygienic for everyone.

Honda Philippines, Inc. the country’s leading motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines joins the country as it works to meet the challenges posed by the global health crisis through the work of delivery riders in ensuring the transportation of essential goods and services.

Indispensable tool

“I am proud to see that our motorcycles have become indispensable and are being used with a great purpose. A purpose of keeping people safe at home and encouraging social distancing, during this crisis. We also commend the effort of our Hero Riders as they offer courage and aid during this crisis,” said Susumu Mitsuishi, president of Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI).

The array of cutting-edge motorcycles busy on the streets, such as the Honda BeAT and Honda CLICK, signifies that Honda’s AT bikes are becoming predominant. This shows that the company has been true to its “ONE DREAM” campaign, which is helping fulfill people’s dreams while experiencing the joy of mobility and in today’s reality, provide a safer way for people staying home to still access badly needed necessities.

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