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The world has changed indeed. But what is a true constant in this new world is a mother’s love.

As we celebrate the front liners who continue to expose themselves to danger outside, mothers have become the MVP inside the house. Mothers became teachers when the schools closed, the nurse when family members got sick, sourced and bought all the overpriced face masks, face shield, and PPEs just to protect the family and risked life and limb to get supplies in the last 54 days.

Instead of expensive gifts and over the top celebrations, I honestly think mothers like me deserve the gift of appreciation in a time of pandemic. Please give us time to breathe this weekend. Let us enjoy a glass of Merlot while doing a Netflix marathon without judgment. Appreciate our effort to become your barbers. Support our quest to grow our own food. Let us enjoy our new form of online shopping from Viber groups and neighbors which sustains the economy.

Are we, mothers, not the rock of the nation and the light of homes?

Here are special messages to a special person we hold so dear.

Cristalle Belo -Pitt to Vicki Belo

Dearest Mommy,

Now that I am a mom of two, I finally understand all the work that goes into raising kids well. My heart smiles when I think about all that you have done for me, kuya and Scarlet.

Thank you for loving us beyond what we could ever comprehend. I wanted Siena Victoria to carry your name because I want her to be as strong, resilient, loving and victorious as you are. Happy Mother’s Day!



Kieth Haw to Connie Haw

My mother is among the most admirable people in my life. Like her, she inspires me to become the best version of myself and achieve the most significant things in life. To the best mother in

the world, Happy Mother’s Day!

Jeanette Tuason to Delia Ipapo

To my Mom, who taught me independence, determination, and how to love fiercely, thank you. You have molded me to become a strong individual, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have achieved without your influence. Happy Mother’s Day!

JP Tuason to Cita Santos Tuason

My most vivid memory of my mom…. was chasing me with a pair of tsinelas (rubber slippers)! Hahaha… your discipline shaped me to be who I am. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

Jerika Ejercito to Laarni Enriquez

To the woman who gave up the most important things in her life so that I could take on the most important things in mine. Sacrifice and suffering mean a lot when they’re done for the good of the family. This is the lesson your life has taught me. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma! Missing you terribly! I love you!

Sam YG to Suman Gogna

Dear Mom, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. May you always be blessed and remain jolly. I love you very much! Happy Mother’s Day!

Lauren Liechtenstein for Maymay Liechtenstein

My mother is my biggest source of strength and motivation. She is the gutsiest woman I know.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Audrey Uy to Annabel Tanco

Mom, thank you for being a role model to me— for standing strong in the face of fire for us. Because of who you are, I am who I am today. Every day, I find that I am starting to be like my mother, and I am proud of it. Happy Mother’s Day!

Tim Yap to Benita Yap

My mother always taught me to work hard, to not give up under any circumstance, and to pursue my dreams. Growing up, most of my memories were of her working. But I was also her constant date in watching movies, and I would also watch her skate—that was her exercise.

My mom loved deeply, worked fiercely, and never stopped supporting me from a distance, to make me find myself and celebrate who I am and who I can become. It is because of her that I am who I am today.

And even if we are apart, I am sending you a virtual hug and wishing all the best of blessings.

You deserve all the unconditional love that you’ve given me. Love you, Ma! Happy Mother’s Day!

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