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Celebrity actor Derek Ramsay is unloading some of his luxury cars

Being a man of so many interests, it is a well-known fact that celebrity Derek Ramsay has a passion for cars. The fast and expensive ones.

Ramsay surprised netizens a few days ago when the sportsman posted on his Facebook page that he is selling off three of his “toys” – a 2017 Aston Martin DB11 with about 4,000 kilometers on the clock, a 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost with about 12,000 kilometers on the clock and a very low mileage circa 2017 red Ferrari F12 with gold colored wheels.

“Time to sell my toys. Message me if interested,” was his post last May 11 on this personal Facebook account. 
For the popular actor, he doesn’t think money comes easy for him. He had to work hard for the money, and is no stranger to the ups and downs of stardom. So he finds time for other opportunities like brand endorsements and since he was young, he was raised well to handle money very well. 

His endorsements in the auto industry include being EastWest bank’s Auto Loan Brand Ambassador. A few years ago, he was also the face behind the Isuzu D-Max and Volvo cars. Aside from endorsements he was a celebrity race driver at the 2015 Toyota Vios Cup as well. 
The English-born actor/sportsman has a penchant for British luxury and super cars, shown by his two choices in his collection with the DB11 (estimated brand new price is P21 million) and Ghost (brand new was priced at least P20 million at the time he bought) nameplates. The Ferrari F12 was priced at around P35 million when it was launched.    

Why is he selling these cars? Most likely he already has a couple of cars in his mind to upgrade with his sharp eye on the newly-launched models.

Also parked in his garage are two of his latest purchases – a Lamborghini Urus and a Bentley Continental GT said to be worth a whopping P28 million each – and a Land Rover Sport Black Pack,.

Whatever the nameplate(s) will be, we are sure it’ll be a tasteful one. For more information about these cars, reach out to Darf Mercado of Darfsman Autohaus, Inc. via email at darfsman@gmail.com or call +63917-5808525 but be sure to get your checkbooks ready, it’s not cool to bother people without any real intention of buying. 

If you’re not shopping and just curious about his cars, just click on Ramsay’s Facebook account and who knows, he just might reply to your private message. 

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