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Tycoon finds excuse to ride by delivering ice cream-on a Harley Davidson

Tycoon finds excuse to ride by delivering ice cream-on a Harley Davidson

Residents of Ayala Alabang just went through a very strict ECQ.

But the good thing for residents there is they had a lot of home cooks and business owners that made their products available to neighbors from Korean food, fruits from private farms, freshly baked breads and heirloom dishes available for the 70 days during the lockdown.

One of the products made available in the village was Arce Dairy Ice Cream, a Filipino brand which showcases local flavors started delivering Ice cream. 

Ariel Arce, whose family operates Arce Dairy, is also a motorbike enthusiast owning several superbikes such Harley Davidson heritage Softail classics, Ducati Monsters and 998 and Sports bike like Kawasaki Ninja and Suzuki GSXR1100.  He would regularly go out on rides pre-ECQ. 

According to his wife Michelle, they started delivering last February and the demand was so high that they started delivering with their cars and bikes. Should have been no big deal except that he is using a million-peso bike to deliver.

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Ariel, started delivering ice cream using his Harley Davidson Fatboy.  It was a welcome errand as he was not allowed to go out to ride anyway. 

Using delivering ice cream as an excuse, they fitted the bike with an insulated bag and started using it to deliver around the village.  It was a great way to keep the bike in tip top shape and keep the rider uncaged and happy.