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When ordinary folks see motorcycle riders nowadays, the immediate impressions are that for smaller bikes, they’re either doing deliveries or a ride hailing service and for bigger bikes, off for some leisurely ride with their buddies.

It may, therefore, come as a surprise to many that a number of motorcycle riders or groups if you will, do more than just that.  There are quite a few who conduct  humanitarian activities other than just go off on a regular weekend ride.

One such group that is into these civic action events  is the BMW Owners Society of the Philippines or BOSS.

Established in 1998, and currently with 196 active members nationwide, the group is composed of riders  who come from a variety of professions.

The Outreach Program, as they call it,  is conducted eight to 10 times a year and the activities are selected by their Board of Directors headed by the Chairman Ronnie Maguyon and Club President Jojo Bautista with Rey Clavecillas as Head of the Outreach Committee.

When these programs are executed, the group hop on their BMW motorbikes, oftentimes followed by vehicles filled with the goods such as school and medical supplies, eyeglasses and even helmets to less privileged motorcycle owners.  And yes, they conduct tree planting activities too! They’re always game into anything for the sake of fun, even belting out a song or doing a dance number.

In a way, one might say this is called a leisure with pleasure ride. The pleasure and satisfaction of giving out to the needy and forging a stronger camaderie among their riding brothers.

Indeed, the BOSS group lives up to their Vision and Mission, which is being socially responsible and committed to provide hope to the less fortunate Filipinos.  

So next time you see a group of motorcycle riders on the road, keep in mind that maybe those guys are not necessarily off for some hang out ride. They’re probably on a mission: a mission to extend a helping hand or help someone achieve a dream.

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