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Gran Turismo Philippines (GTPh), in cooperation with Sim Racing Ph, the country’s premiere online racing community and Inquirer Mobility, the new motoring news and features portal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, will host an online racing series that will showcase the country’s top digital motorsports enthusiasts and online racing aces.

The Miata Touring Car Night is a one-make race series that will run all first-generation Miata racecar grids over three racetracks this coming Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 9:30 in the evening. The races will be streamed live over the Inquirer Mobility Facebook page.

“Since the country was put under ECQ lock down, motorsports enthusiasts have been missing the feel of racing and competing on the racetrack,” shares Allen Escoto, founder of Sim Racing Ph. “That is why we online racing enthusiasts banded together to create an event where we can savor the thrill of competition once again, even though it will be on a virtual setting.”

According to Escoto, the difference of the Miata Touring Car Night from the usual online races is that the special event will see participants racing together in three different venues in one night. “It is like an endurance race, but in three different racetracks,” Escoto adds. The races will run consecutively at the challenging street circuit of Tokyo Expressway, the high-speed Red Bull Ring Formula One racetrack, and the perennially popular Tsukuba Racing Circuit in Japan.  All three venues have been carefully chosen by GTPh to ensure consistent action and entertainment all throughout the night as the races are streamed for the public to watch.

The digital motorsport event will make use of the Gran Turismo Sport title in the PlayStation 4 console. The registration deadline for those who want to join the event will be until 12 noon of Saturday, June 13th. Participants will also be required to provide custom liveries inside the game which will make the races even more stimulating to watch while giving racers the creative freedom to express their passion for motorsports.

Gran Turismo Philippines (GTPh) has been providing online racing experiences for Filipino Gran Turismo gameplayers since 2014, when the racing simulation title was on its 6th installment. The group has been working side by side with Sim Racing PH (SRPh) and Kotsekotsehan, GTPh’s media promoter under Noel Romero, in organizing online races over different racing simulation platforms. GTPh was recognized in the online gaming community a few years ago when most of its members became the finalists and champions of the Sony GT Academy Philippines virtual racing competition.

With this much online racing experience earned by its members, it is not surprising that Gran Turismo Philippines has become the group to get in touch with when one has an interest in the highly regarded racing game for the PlayStation console. GTPh can be easily searched in Facebook and it is encouraging everyone who wants to race online to join in on the fun.

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