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I once attended a talk about relationships where I was introduced to the “nothing box.” 

It’s a concept correlating a man’s brain to a warehouse: he has several boxes but a man will open one box, use it then close again.  The “nothing box” believes that a woman’s mind is like a department store where everything is out of the open and connected by a series of emotionally charged wires, reason why men and women have trouble communicating.

The “nothing box” is the default mode.  This is manifested when they watch TV, play video games, or do brain-dead activities.   As you will observe, this state usually happens right after work, just before dinner or after using their “stress box”. 

The mancave concept came from the fact that men need a sanctuary away from prying and judgmental female eyes while they resume their “nothing box” position or call it NBP.  A peaceful NBP is always at risk in the open where dagger-like, piercing stare of females preparing dinner and helping kids with their homework state of frenzy.

So to celebrate father’s day, let me share with you the perfect Dadcave and its components. 

TV and Sound System

Since going to the movie theatre is no longer possible now, watching Netflix on a big screen in the comforts of your home is a must for movie addicts. A factor to consider is the risk of eyestrain since most of your work is done in front of the screen as well.  Too much exposure to blue light can damage the retina’s light-sensitive cells and can result in some health issues, including potential sleep disorder. 

Home Entertainment system is the first item needed in a Dadcave. It’s the perfect backdrop for binge-watching and gaming. 

Gaming Consoles or Racing Rig 

Since driving around is now limited, fathers now have taken up virtual games such as Gran Turismo on Sony PlayStation or other PC based games such as RFactor.   How cool will it be to have our Racing Rig to give you’re the closest feel of driving the racecar without the danger of damaging your car. 

The nice thing about gaming consoles is that daddies can pretend that it’s for the kids (wink, wink). But this is backed by science-parents should at least try to play with their kids in a game of their choice, making them feel connected with their parental units.

Seven Star Garage Racing rigs (see main photo) come with a specially designed aluminum frame with a racing bucket seat, Steering Wheel, TV, or computer monitor.  You can opt to buy a gaming laptop such as the Lenovo L340-15IRH ( PC Express P56,995) or invest in the newest Playstation 5 (estimated at US$800) coming later part of 2020.

A Massage Chair 

Another addition to the Dadcave is a massage chair.  I can’t stress enough how this has helped us since we cannot call our friendly neighborhood massage service.  The newest massage chairs now have Bluetooth speakers for chillaxing, and the high-end models even have tablets attached to them to make sure daddies are entirely immersed in their nothing boxes.  

Other notable functions in the inclusion of sports massages, heating function, and anti-gravity positions, something dad will appreciate after a grueling work from home day.

Gym Equipment

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde said, “endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t just kill their husbands.” Or, in our case, the spouses. My husband needs to exercise to relieve stress, and as former triathletes who were always outdoors, being stuck at home influences mental health. 

Take if from another hyper dad Toby Claudio, owner of Toby’s sports and Dad of three. “Having the right fitness gear at home, whether it’s a treadmill or a set of power bands, definitely goes a long way in helping dads and the entire family stay strong indoors.” Or should I say stay sane while indoors?

The Passion Collection

If your dad or husband is a collector, then their Dadcaves must have an area for their passion collection.  Some collect whiskey, wine, or books, others spend on cars, bikes, vinyl, or movie memorabilia.  This part of the Dadcave is like their trophy room. They like to stare, clean, and relive the memories their collection brings them. It’s a testament to their buying prowess and manliness. 

Macallan Special Edition

Macallan Highland Single Malt whiskey came out with five different versions of the famous brand. Each edition came with exclusive collaborations with master whiskey makers, chefs, perfumeries, and even Pantone institute, creating distinct characteristics of flavors, colors, and aroma, making it a treat to all senses. 

No two Dadcaves are the same.  Just like our dads, they will carry the characteristics we love and unique personalities that help mold us to the person we have become. What’s similar is that every Dad deserves the space, love, and respect plus, of course, their time for self-love. 

Happy Father’s Day to my dad Deo, husband JP, and brothers Deodel and Mike, my Inquirer colleagues and to all the dads out there!

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