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At this time when urban congestion requires much more serious thought than merely ranting over the hassles and inconveniences of city life, the need for society to “dissipate” into less densely populated areas in the provinces sounds more sensible—and life-saving—than ever before.

The government has been doubling efforts to implement Executive Order 114, the “Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa” program, no doubt fueled by the ongoing pandemic that seems to thrive in congested urban settings such as Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. While this program is primarily aimed towards informal settlers to return to their home provinces and assist them in this transition with support and incentives on transportation, family, livelihood, housing, subsistence and education, who says that folks from the higher economic strata can’t participate in this movement, as well?

In fact, even long before the EO 114 came into being, many families residing in the cities also owned plots in their home provinces, which they would go to perhaps during the weekends or when the parents took their office leaves, or when school was out. Often, these plots would be farmlands, modest plantations or orchards off the beaten track, providing a “retreat” from the maddening city life and a supplemental income.

These “dual citizen” folks may be what leading diesel-powered truckmaker Isuzu Philippines Corp (IPC) have had in mind when it introduced—in its first-ever online launch—the 2020 D-Max Boondock 4×4 on June 17. IPC calls the latest iteration of its D-Max pickup its ultimate off-roader, which heralds the company’s new lifestyle campaign “Live Life Differently” that boldly responds to the challenges of the new normal. IPC says that no other pickup can symbolize the Filipino off-roader’s re-emergence from months of home confinement than the 2020 D-Max Boondock 4×4, which has been designed to handle practically all types of terrain: Sand, gravel, riverbed, mud, and rocks.

IPC President Hajime Koso introduced the 2020 D-Max Boondock 4×4 as “purposely named after the mountains. The Boondock boasts rough and rugged styling, coupled with the exceptional engine performance of Isuzu – perfect for off-road driving.”

Joseph Bautista, IPC sales division head, told Inquirer Motoring that there has been a renewed interest in farming, saying that the Boondock “is the perfect all-around vehicle from the boardroom to the boondocks”.

A weekend farmer himself, Bautista attests to the Boondock being “an ideal vehicle for farmers and weekend farmers” as it has been “designed to go anywhere”.

To complement its go-anywhere off-road capabilities, Bautista points to the D-Max Boondock’s high ground clearance and big cargo space.

“The high ground clearance, all terrain tires, very powerful blue power engine and large cargo space are all ideal for getting even to the remotest farms and bringing back loads of farm produce,” said Bautista.

Farm-related websites in other countries have shown that the D-Max is, indeed, up to the task of being a reliable and durable general farm vehicle.

Now, however, the D-Max Boondock that has been built upon the popular 3.0L D-Max 4×4 LS-A model is made more stylish. The Boondock trademark adds an even tougher, more rugged image with the tried-and-tested performance to back it up, making it the ideal pickup for those about to get their daily healthy sustenance straight off the ground.

The 2020 D-Max Boondock 4×4 is powered by the Euro-4 compliant 4JJ1-TCX 4-Cylinder in-line Blue Power 3.0-liter diesel engine with VGS turbo charger and intercooler mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with gearshift indicator or a 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift, generating maximum power outputs of 177 PS at 3,600 RPM and 380 Nm of torque at 1,800 to 2,800rpm.

This level of power and efficiency is also expressed in the D-Max Boondock’s design and accessories. The monotube nitrogen-charged front and rear shock absorber ensures instantaneous response to changing road conditions, offering faster damping reaction. The result is an improved steering control in whatever terrain and driving condition. Steel side steps not only offer easy access but valuable protection to the pickup body. Its honeycomb design with the “Boondock” logo is also easy to clean and provides better traction during ingress and egress.

The 2020 D-MAX Boondock 4×4 is fitted with 265/70 R17 all-terrain tires wrapped around matte black off-road rally type design R17 rims. The Boondock decal on the tailgate is now paired with a new hood and body customized graphics that pays tribute to the country’s highest “boondock”, Mt. Apo.

The 2020 D-MAX Boondock 4×4 is now available in AT and MT variants, with introductory prices of P1.725 million (MT) and P1.795 million (AT), and come in Red Spinel, Cosmic Black, Titanium Silver, and Silky Pearl White exterior colors. As a part of IPC’s “Monsoon Promo”, a P95,000 discount is available until the end of June. Log on to www.isuzuphil.com or check out Isuzu’s new Digital Dealer page on its website.

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