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Honda reminds motorcycle riders: G.O.T.T.O.B.E.S.A.F.E

Honda reminds motorcycle riders: G.O.T.T.O.B.E.S.A.F.E


Since all transport modes will remain limited during the government-imposed General Community Quarantine, it may take longer for the public commute to get to their destinations as the mass transportation systems need to take safety precautions to keep Filipinos safe from contacting COVID-19.

Honda Philippines, Inc., the No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, this situation reinforces the need for motorcycles as a convenient and safe mode of solo transportation, helping riders get to their destinations faster and safer. 
While anticipating the increase of solo riders on the road, it is most important that road safety must be observed at all times. Road Safety experts from Honda Safety Driving Center listed some of the key things you can do to stay safe on the road while observing physical distancing: 

Motorcycle riders will find the need to use their motorbikes more often now because of the limited transportation. However, the quarantine probably left their motorcycles collecting dust the past months, which is why a thorough motorcycle check is important before hitting the road. 
Honda asks riders to remember the acronym G.O.T. T.O. B.E. S.A.F.E. before they go out for a ride:

. General Appearance – Make sure your bike looks good and is in a rideable condition.
· Oil – Ensure that the engine oil is between the maximum and minimum levels using the engine dipstick.
· Tires – Check for any cracks, bulges, or signs of wear in the treads (Low tire pressure or any defects could cause a blowout).
· Tension of chain – Check the chain if it’s well lubricated. Chain tension must be following your motorcycle model.
· Operation of Controls – check throttle play, and must maintain snapback
operations. Check clutch lever for free play.
· Brakes. – Check operation and cable conditions. Test both front and rear brakes to ensure these are working properly.
· Engine – Make a visual check on your engine to see any leakages or loose fittings.
· Side Mirror – Make sure that the side mirror is free from scratches and must be clean and clear.
· Alignment of steering – Check smoothness of play and make sure the
handlebar is securely bolted.
· Fuel – Make sure the gasoline cap is securely closed and not leaking.
· Electrical / Lights – Ensure all electrical-based switches and devices, like the horn and lights, are properly functioning.

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