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I’ve known Enrique ‘IQ’ Prado since childhood. We grew up as neighbors in the same village, and we both shared a passion for cars. In IQ’s case, he ended up in the auto trade business while I went to the journalism field. We’d often bump into each other in car shows and at friends’ parties. Together with IQ’s wife, their business, EMC Prado Auto Inc has grown amazingly over the past few years. I remember IQ started his business by selling his Sentra, a common friend’s BMW and a Corolla. Now, he’s selling exotics and luxury cars. 

A big reason for the success of their business is IQ’s strong leadership skills. He takes good care of his people, does things he wouldn’t want his team not to do, and is the hardest working guy in the pack. 

When ECQ happened, IQ and Iya regularly checked on their staff and made sure they were safe in their homes. The couple realized that rather than just waiting for the crisis to ease, they felt the need to do something positive. They started by providing face shields for their staff and their families but soon enough, they were already giving away 2,400 face shields to various people, organizations and hospitals. The couple also gave away food packs to people all around the Metro. This is down to IQ and Iya’s gratitude to the heavens that despite the difficult times, they were surviving and felt the need to pay it forward. 

When GCQ was implemented, IQ and Iya realized that their staff had difficulty going to work due to a lack of public transportation. IQ, being an avid cyclist, encouraged his staff to bike to work. But the realization that not everyone had a bike, could afford a bike or was ready to buy a bike hit hard. That’s when the couple decided that this would be their next passion project: helping their staff, and eventually other people to get mobile again-on two wheels. 

The couple initially donated four bikes and shared it on their social media account. Soon after, family and friends saw the merits of the couple’s deed and started messaging them, pledging more and more bicycles, along with other bicycle safety gear like helmets. After five days, the couple ended up with pledges for 70 bicycles. They picked the recipients of these bikes based on nominations they received on their social media page, and why the recipient was worthy and deserving if the bicycle. It’s been a truly successful and life-enriching endeavor for the couple and their team at EMC Prado Auto Inc.

Of course, it wasn’t just their own resources that allowed this to happen, but through the brave first step the couple and their team took, the Prados became a means for others to channel their donations to others. And these donations aren’t just the usual hand-outs of food or medicine: the bicycles were a means to help people literally get back on their feet, re-start their lives and travel to work.

Throughout the trying and challenging times, IQ and Iya simply wanted to ‘spread the good vibes’ to as many people as possible by providing them with a means to be mobile and independent, without relying on others needlessly and taking the initiative to work once again. 

The couple are happy and feel blessed, because they feel in their own small way, they have succeeded to give back to society and help the ones who truly want to help themselves. 

I wish we had more kind, conscientious and generous couples like IQ and Iya. May their tribe increase.

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