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It’s the big shift as they call it. The mega mass migration to digital of virtually every business dealing and meeting that could be done within the realm of ones and zeros, firmly latched onto the work-from-home premise that every person at the end of every pc terminal submitted to. Awkwardly, initially, since many are hard-wired onto their daily routines that didn’t include stifling the reflex to bolt out of bed and get out of the house as quickly as they can to beat the horrendous traffic, but most everyone eventually settled down to being eager about this newfound arrangement. Home after all, is the safest, and most comfortable place to be in. During work days? Even better. But after about three months of the new norm as it’s been coined, it quickly got old. The migratory morning herds got restless, and soon after that, despite safety protocols put in place on every establishment that’s reopened with conditions, our main thoroughfares looked like everything’s normal again- save for one thing. The private vehicle has reclaimed the roads and highways from the multitude of PUVs. All the more, the privately-owned car has become essential, after being left idle in the garage for months.

That served as a light at the end of a quarantined tunnel for the automotive industry, as despite the swan dive of sales figures, the flipside of it is, the safety of one’s commute to work is practically guaranteed within a transportable personal bubble. One that you can’t get from a PUV, given that you find one to make it on time for work. In that way, the auto industry has responded to the slowly returning market demand that’s given a new breath of life, by making it as easy as possible for one to acquire a personal ride, while being admiringly stringent in making sure that safety protocols are imposed and followed in their dealerships- most especially for the potential customer.

I’ve been able to personally put this to the test, with the MG dealership I visited for that sole purpose, along EDSA within the Centris Mall premises.  I of course learned of an on-going promo on the MG 5 Sedan, and considering I sort of fall into the demographics of its target market (budget-wise), I switched my moto-journalist cap for a potential customer’s who had just ID’d a great promo. So (wishing I was doing this for real) I downloaded on my Android phone the “My MG” app (I was told it’d also be available for the iPhones’ iOS soon). Signing on was pretty straightforward, as with setting an appointment for a showroom visit. 

So upon arrival, I was directed to step into the disinfecting foot bath, as the main façade’s door swung open with literally in sync with Mr. Manong guard extending his infra-red thermometer gun. No matter how many times I’ve leaned my forehead forward for this kind of temp-taking, it always felt weird- but I could sense Mr. Manong was smiling gratefully behind his mask for my compliance. He sprayed my hands with alcohol as if it was a reward after he determined I was cool enough to enter. Of course I was, I grinned.

Next I was greeted by a waiting sales professional standing 6 feet away, who put his hand on the left side of his chest and bowed. Wow, I do think we should keep that way of greeting, as it sort of instills instant good vibes between two strangers. I was handed a laminated brochure with the assurance that it’s been disinfected and was led to the car I came to see, the MG 5 Alpha Edition sedan.

And there in its Laser Blue headline color, was the MG 5 Alpha who looks a lot more clean-cut than any of us who’ve done DIY trims at home. A sub-compact sedan competing with the likes of the Vios, the MG 5 Alpha provided a more sophisticated look with that large trapezoidal Chrome grille. I gave it a walk around, soaking in its aesthetics as it was my first time to gaze at it in the metal. The packaging and overall design of top of the line Alpha variant strikes me like it’s an executive sedan in slightly smaller scale. I came in knowing its price tag is P938,000, still substantially under the P1M mark, so I checked out what came with it.

For a powertrain, it’s equipped with a 1.5L i-line 4 cylinder DOHC 16-valve gasoline engine, that outputs a respectable 114PS and 150Nm of Torque. That package pretty much assures you of a peppy drive in and out of traffic, and ample oomph for the long stretches of highway. Driving its larger sibling the MG 6 Trophy Edition, I had a good inkling of its handling capabilities. Smooth, agile, and with a discernible posh feel to it, in terms of its dynamics and grunt. Inside, I was impressed by the spacious cabin where you get to lounge in the back seat, and sit snugly up front in all-leather appointment. The large and vivid touch screen sort of grabs your eye as you gaze at the dash, providing a pleasant interface that’s as intuitive as it is colorful. Yes, Apple Carplay and Android Auto are standard. Convinced, I asked what the “extras” are that come with it.

Turns out, the extra that came with it, is a chunk off its SRP, all P110,000.00 worth- which based on its P938,000 price tag, is indeed a sizeable chunk. Nodding involuntarily, I was told it was either that or a zero down payment scheme, which also applied to the other MG nameplates in the showroom, but in varying prices of course. Convinced, I almost forgot I was role-playing for my report and nearly got carried away. In this complicated situation we’re caught up in, where everyone’s a bit wary about making huge investments or purchases, here’s a deal that makes one feel reassured and thought of well, to make one of life’s main essentials easier to grab a hold of. Indeed, it’s the Alpha of deals.

Watch the video feature of the MG showroom safety protocols and offerings on InqMobility.com starting today

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