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Mercedes-Benz finds a new home in BGC

Mercedes-Benz finds a new home in BGC

Alvin Uy

Mercedes-Benz Philippines officially opened its new state-of-the-art MAR2020 showroom in BGC. MAR2020 stands for Markenauftritt Retail in German, translated, it means Brand Appearance Retail, and it is the first Mercedes-Benz showroom in the country to have the MAR2020 compliant designs and features, with customer-centric Sales and Customer Service. 

Officially opened last July 1st, Mercedes-Benz Philippines through its partner dealer CATS Motors Inc. inaugurated its BGC showroom located in Bonifacio Global City. Mercedes-Benz says it is a lighthouse project of Daimler in the Southeast Asia, promising not only just a new dealership but a new concept for Mercedes-Benz Brand Experience. Brand experience in Mercedes-Benz has evolved in many ways over the years and the MAR2020 program aims to bring enhancement of customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

The introduction of the new BGC Showroom with MAR2020 standards marks a big change in how Mercedes-Benz approaches retail across the globe. In 2003, its former BGC showroom was the first showroom with the Autohaus concept in South East Asia in compliance with the brand’s global standards. The new BGC showroom is likewise one of the first to open in Asia and considered a “lighthouse project” of Daimler South East Asia. 

This new concept comes with the brand’s new visual identity. Its 554 square-meter state-of-the-art facility uses a new and contemporary architecture for both outdoors and indoors. Its distinctive and modern design while its interior space was designed with minimalist luxury in mind, thanks largely to its ingenious lighting design highlighting the vehicles on display on the showroom floor. Its interior environment offers the warmth and comfort of a business class lounge, an environment familiar to Mercedes-Benz customers. It also has a bar area is made available for a more casual and convenient discussion.

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The new MAR 2020 showroom also redefines the role of the digital world without negating the classic analogue form of communications.  The new showroom is fully equipped with modern technology that shows seamless integration at the point of sale, using digital assets like LED screens its highly trained sales team ensures that there is proper presentation using personal contact and effective use of digital elements further enhancing the Mercedes-Benz customer experience.  This allows visitors to experience the brand interactively using digital touch tables to configure the car they want. Product presentations and visualizations can be displayed to its LED screens in its specially designed Star walls. The new Star Showroom provides a venue where customers and interested parties experience Mercedes-Benz virtually and in reality.  The new BGC showroom is located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 24th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  For more information, visit