Three years ago, Nike held an event wherein the sneaker giant invited a dozen creatives from all over the world to submit their take on the iconic Air Max line. Sean Wotherspoon’s concept won the voters’ nod, an achievement that showed why he’s one of America’s sought-after young designers, attracting several more collaborations from other big names such as Disney, Prince, Lacoste and Galleries Lafayette.

This time, his name will again be linked to another iconic brand. Last Saturday, Motoitalia Philippines officially revealed the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon scooter. Held at the Secret Fresh Gallery at Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan City, the scooter presented to the media is a special edition that expresses the creative energy of both the Italian scooter brand and one of the rising stars of youth fashion in the United States.

“The Vespa scooters are primarily known for their funky, retro-inspired styling. Thus, the partnership between one of today’s most creative and influential designers and Vespa, one of the most powerful symbols of ‘Italian lifestyle’ should appeal to a wider audience, not just to young Vespa lovers,” said MotoItalia president Willy Tee Ten.

Before the scooter’s world debut at the 2019 EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy, Wotherspoon expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration: “Based on (Vespa’s) immense history and heritage I’m beyond excited to start work with Vespa/Piaggio. I’m going to dig as deep as possible to help re-create these memories and re-imagine them through my lens to share with everyone! This is going to be insane! Stay tuned!”

Explosion of ’80s colors

What he created was insane indeed: The livery of the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon stands out for its explosion of ’80s-style colors as Wotherspoon gave the Primavera, a vintage contemporary twist, drawing his love for everything old school just like what he did with the Air Max shoes.

The scooter is a riot of colors: yellow serves as the main hue with small servings of brick red on the step board, lower part of the instrument panel as well as shock absorbers; forest green on the instrument panel and below the step board; and sea green on the front fender and leg shield. The headlight frame, luggage rack, and passenger handle are highlighted with chrome finishes.

Wotherspoon has chosen a light brown ribbed velvet for the saddle and lined it with white piping for contrast. The scooter is also decked by white inserts such as the “necktie” on the front shield, the profiles of the body and the wheels, which have the Vespa logo embossed on the rims. There’s a giant white Vespa logo on the left flank while on the opposite side, the word “Primavera” is printed six times, from small to large font size.

Tagger-style logo

Wotherspoon further customized and personalized the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon with his distinctive tagger-style logo (on the saddle’s left side as well as behind the foldaway front chrome rack just below the headlight).

This scooter wouldn’t be a modern street fashion statement without accessories. Working beyond the Vespa Primavera, Wotherspoon also created a collection of streetwear clothing, consisting of T-shirts and an exclusive tracksuit.

The Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon uses the standard Primavera platform and here in the Philippines, the 150cc variant is the only option. It runs on an ultra-modern single cylinder 4-stroke air cooled engine with electronic injection and 3-valve timing. This CVT equipped ride generates 12 horsepower and 12Nm of torque.

Already equipped with ABS, the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon’s 12-inch front wheel is equipped with 200mm disc brakes while the rear with drum brakes.

Only about a hundred units of this P308,000 special edition scooter will be available at select Vespa dealerships.