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In these very challenging times, having a very reliable delivery fleet will ensure the survival of a business.

To make sure delivery vehicles run in tiptop shape, Foton Philippines has rolled out a program that makes sure it customers get genuine parts in a timely manner.

It offers hassle-free transactions with its Foton EC Genuine Parts Free Delivery Promo in just 4 easy steps. For the whole month, customers get free delivery which they can inquire at the comfort of their homes or offices in four easy steps – first, by calling or sending a text message to the Foton EC Parts hotline through its cellphone number 0999-999-9996. Then, after informing them of the parts or service needed and the necessary payments online, the package will be quickly delivered.

Foton came up with this no-contact ordering and online payment arrangement so that its customers will minimize having to make trips, especially if these companies have their own motor pools and mechanics. This is also a much safer option as COVID-19 infections remain high.

For those who would require the services of Foton’s professional and well-trained mechanics, they can avail of its EC Mobile Service Program which continues to bring Foton’s maintenance services at any location. The program’s industry-leading after-sales services are to make sure that its customers overcome mobility challenges specially during these times where quarantine limitations make it difficult to bring the units to the dealerships.

These professionals can provide Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS), onboard electronic trouble-shooting and diagnosing, as well as repairs related to aircon, engine electrical, mechanical, and under chassis work. 

“The EC Mobile Service Program underscores a commitment we’ve made since the beginning of our operations here which is to constantly improve the quality of our customer experience,” says Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) President, Rommel Sytin.

Each mobile unit is equipped with all the essential equipment including a 3.5-kilowatt generator set that can be used to power the service tools such as a 1.5 HP air compressor, an impact wrench, and even light bulbs that could enable technicians to work with precision at night or in not well-lit areas. 

Aside from contactless ordering and on-site services, Foton also provides free anti-bacterial solutions for its customers from now until the end of September. The units qualified for the said promo are the Foton Toplander, Thunder, Toano, Transvan, Traveller and variant units with customized special body under the Gratour Series. Light-duty trucks from the Tornado Series are also entitled for the promo. 

Customers may avail of this in any of its 29 dealerships nationwide. For commercial vehicle inquiries, check out their Facebook page @FotonPhilippines, or call mobile phone 0999-999-9998, or through email inq@foton.com.ph.

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