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Like any super-achieving millennial, Gretchen Ho just has a lot of hyphen on her name: she’s an accomplished volleyball player/racecar driver/biker/host/blogger/journalist/humanitarian, and the list goes on.

I met Gretchen during one of the Chicdriven Women Empowerment Expo events as one of our speakers.  She shared with an audience of young women how to manage their social media presence in the age of twerking and the Kardashians (claim to fame is …).  It was a significant talk.

Later, we got to know each other better when she became one of our celebrity racers in the Vios Cup.  There you can see her determination and discipline which, of course, was honed by being a successful collegiate volleyball player for Ateneo de Manila University. In between races, we would talk about her goals, aspirations, her struggles, and sometimes… boys or should I say, men.

In this time of the pandemic, she once again proved to be a bundle of positive energy. She blogged about uplifting stories around the metro and gave away bikes and helmets to those who need transportation.  She recently announced that she will be representing Geely cars as their brand ambassador. So, we caught up with her and asked for some road safety tips.

Always drive defensively. While biking around the metro, she had seen and heard of many accidents, maybe because people thought the roads are empty and went fast. Being a defensive driver means you anticipate possible problems on the road and make safe and well-informed decisions.

Drive at pace. According to Gretchen, do not drive too slow or too fast.  Her parents advised her to always keep her speed at a pace so that if something comes up, like a dog crossing the road, she can safely stop or slow down.

Drive Alert.  Because of the demands of her work, there are times she would be up for 16-20 hours.  She only proceeds to drive if she is awake and able to stay alert.  She advises motorists to stop, drink coffee or take a break if you feel sleepy.

Fill up your tank.   This is something she takes on from experience “I used to wait for the empty (alarm) all the time but realized it’s much more efficient to fill the tank in one go than drive multiple times to the gas station. I ran out of gas because I was trying to maximize the mileage of the gas I had left. I didn’t realize it would be a hassle. Don’t do that!” Laughingly she added, “it is more convenient and efficient to go the station in one go than going in and out.”

Keep your car properly maintained.  She also advises this to lessen inconvenience.  Her stint in her morning show brought her to far-flung areas in the wee hours.  So, a car braking down on a remote road is a working hazard and can be dangerous.

For her new stint with Geely, we asked her what kind of car is she drawn to. To fit her personality, she likes cars that are sporty and can support her active lifestyle.  Style is important, but comfort is crucial since she has a lot of work outdoors. She is excited that the Geely Azkarra has many features that can keep her entertained during her long drives.

Gretchen is really a star full of wholesome energy, a great role model, and a real “woman in action.” We’re hoping that there is a “man in action” waiting to capture her heart soon.

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