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Ownership schemes abound, from discounts to zero-interest, from Wigo to GR Supra

The ‘ber months just wouldn’t be complete without joyous Christmas lights, mellifluous Jose Mari Chan songs, and the ubiquitous car-purchase promotions. 2020 is certainly different from all other years in recent memory. The economic hardship brought on by the pandemic has made promotions even more pivotal in car-buying decisions. The big red Santa Claus of the Philippine car industry, Toyota, has come up with its first bunch of offers to get customers in the buying, er, holiday spirit.

Dubbed “Take on New Roads,” Toyota Motor Philippines’ September promo unlocks discounts, flexible deals, and freebies with new-car purchases. They are all aimed to make car ownership a friendlier and more attractive proposition. The desire to have one’s own safe and convenient transportation will certainly increase drastically during these months of pandemic, and buyers will be keen to take advantage of special offers.

The promotion runs from September 4-30 and is available at all of Toyota’s 70 dealerships nationwide. Solid discounts are available, such as savings up to P120,000 for the Fortuner G Diesel AT and P130,000 for the Hilux 4×4 G AT.

For those seeking a low downpayment scheme, they can drive home the new Vios XE CVT after an initial payment of P112,950. Low monthly payments abound, such as the new Wigo 1.0 E MT pegged at P5,981.

“We acknowledge the increasing need for safe and efficient mobility. Since financial situation is tough, it’s a must to spend wisely and get the best value out of your money. We help our customers achieve this not just through affordable and flexible financing deals, but also through our products that are easy to maintain, fuel-efficient, and will last a lifetime. Only Toyota can offer this sure advantage,” said Sherwin Chualim, TMP’s First Vice President for Vehicle Sales Operations.

This is the complete list of September’s Pay Low, Pay Light, and Savings offers (Also viewable via https://toyota.com.ph/promos/newroads):


VIOS (New)

Pay Low at ₱ 112,950 For XE CVT, Pay Light at
₱ 7,528 For XE CVT
Cash Savings: ₱ 20,000-1.5 G & E, ₱ 35,000-1.3 XLE CVT, ₱ 35,000-1.3 XLE M/T, ₱ 10,000-1.3 XE CVT

Pay Light at ₱ 5,981 For 1.0 E M/T

Pay Low at ₱ 177,750 For 1.6 V CVT, Pay Light at ₱10,141 For 1.6 E MT
Cash Savings: ₱ 50,000 -V HV and V CVT, ₱ 30,000 -G and E MT

Pay Low at ₱ 111,450 For 1.3 J M/T, Pay Light at ₱7,378 For 1.3 J M/T
Cash Savings: ₱ 25,000 For All Variants

Pay Light at ₱ 10,127 For 1.5 E MT
Cash Savings ₱ 15,000 For All Variants

Pay Low at ₱ 220,050 For 2.8 G Dsl AT
Pay Light at ₱ 10,540 For 2.0 J Gas MT

Cash Savings: ₱ 10,000 -G Gas and E Gas, ₱ 20,000-V, G Dsl, Touring Sport and E Dsl, ₱ 30,000-J DSL and J Gas

Pay Low at ₱244,950 For 4×2 G Dsl MT, Pay Light at
₱ 16,031 For 4×2 G DSL MT
Cash Savings: ₱ 60,000- All variants exc. G Dsl AT, ₱ 120,000 – G Dsl AT

Pay Low at ₱140,850 For 4×2 J DSL MT, Pay Light at ₱9,066 For 4×2 J DSL MT
Cash Savings: ₱50,000-All Variants exc. 4×4 G, PUV, FX and Cab & Chassis, ₱80,000-4X4 G MT, ₱130,000-4X4 G AT

Pay Light at ₱16,993 For Commuter Deluxe
Cash Savings: ₱25,000-GL Grandia AT/MT, ₱30,000- Commuter Deluxe 2.8 M/T

Pay Light at ₱39,633- Alphard

To add value to the car-buying proposition, Toyota is also offering free periodic maintenance for selected models. Every new Vios (G, E, XLE), Corolla Altis, Rush, Innova (V, G, E, Touring Sport), Fortuner, Hilux (Conquest, G, E), and Hiace (FMC GL), comes with free periodic maintenance service up to 20,000 kms in selected Toyota dealerships.

Meanwhile, all brand new Toyota Vios G, E and XLE units bought from authorized Toyota Dealers will have warranty coverage of 5 years or 150,000 km whichever comes first.

Toyota is also offering free 1-year comprehensive insurance for buyers of all brand new Toyota Wigo variants, Toyota Vios G, E and XLE and XE variants, Corolla Altis 1.8V HV and 1.6V CVT (TFS transaction only), Innova V, G Dsl, Touring Sport and E Dsl (TFS transaction only), and Fortuner 4×2 G Dsl AT.

Those trading in their current Toyota cars, or even cars from other brands, there are trade-in rebates of as much as P35,000 (for Vios and Innova), and P40,000 (for Corolla Altis). These are available for every closed trade-in transaction with a purchase of participating models within the promo period.

And if your heart is set on a GR Supra, particularly after driving one on a virtual lap on Playstation Gran Turismo? The Supra is now available with zero-interest deals.

For the complete terms, and inclusions, you may visit the official website at https://toyota.com.ph/promos/newroads.

Just in time for the promotions, Toyota is set to unveil the latest version of the Hilux this week.

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