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Mazda Philippines has just made ownership of its cars a more attractive proposition—with an industry-first 5-year free service plan for all models. That means that owners of all Mazda vehicles bought from April 2020 onward will not have to spend for periodic maintenance over the first 5 years or 100,000km, whichever comes first. The new 5-Year Free Service Plan applies to periodic maintenance done at either 6-month or 10,000-km intervals.

The new ownership benefit expands upon the 3-year Free Service Plan first introduced by Mazda Philippines back in 2013, when it took over distributorship for the brand. The new 5-Year Service Plan is another element in commemoration of Mazda’s 100th Anniversary.

The 5-Year Free Service Plan follows Mazda Japan’s recommended maintenance for comprehensive service and parts replacement schedule. This includes the highest-grade Shell fully synthetic lubricant, specially formulated for Mazda. All scheduled replacement parts and labor costs are included, as well. Mazda computes that owners will have a total savings for the full 5-Year Free Service Plan from P90,000 to P150,000, depending on the model. Another advantage is that owners need not worry about budgeting and cost inflation during their ownership. This is particularly advantageous to fleet operators and those purchasing their vehicles for business use, as the periodic maintenance cost is precisely: zero.

Since initiating the pioneering 3-Year Free Service Plan in 2013, Mazda Philippines has extended the benefit to close to 27,000 Mazda owners. The peace of mind and financial security afforded by the service plan has helped propel Mazda Philippines to a number 1 ranking twice in the J.D. Power Philippines Customer Service Index Study, in 2016 and 2019.

“Mazda Philippines and our authorized dealership network continue to always put the customer in the center of everything we do. We are in business because of the caring relationship we have with our customers,” shares Steven Tan, president and CEO of Mazda Philippines. “Now that our brand is celebrating its centenary, we see it fitting to elevate not only the value earned from purchasing our cars, but also the peace of mind afforded by our services. A premium Mazda vehicle deserves a superior ownership experience. With the new 5-Year Free Service Plan, we are confident that our customers will celebrate driving even more, enjoy the convenience of worry-free vehicle maintenance for a longer time, and discover a renewed devotion to the vehicle and the brand in the years to come.”

During a virtual launch of the new 5-Year Free Service Plan, Tan revealed that this new ownership benefit has been frequently requested by its customers. Previously, numerous customers would be requesting to purchase an extension to their 3-Year Free Service Plan—and now, they won’t even have to. Keeping Mazda vehicles properly maintained by the dealers for an extended period, at no extra cost to customers, was also an important consideration. The new plan will certainly will help the brand’s image and enhance the vehicles’ residual value, particularly as the plan is transferable in case the vehicle is sold.

Tan explained that they although the 5-Year Free Service Plan was announced just this September 2020, Mazda decided to apply it to all purchases from April 2020 onward. “We certainly appreciate the customers who purchased vehicles during this pandemic, and we want to assure them that they made the right decision in buying a Mazda.” Bermaz Auto Philippines, Inc. (Mazda Philippines) is the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the Philippines. There are 19 Mazda 3S dealerships located across the Philippines and Metro Manila–Mazda Greenhills, Mazda Pasig, Mazda Quezon Avenue, Mazda Makati, Mazda Alabang, Mazda Cavite, Mazda Sta. Rosa, Mazda Pulilan, Mazda Pampanga, Mazda Dagupan, Mazda Cabanatuan, Mazda Tarlac, Mazda Negros, Mazda Cebu, Mazda Iloilo, Mazda Cagayan De Oro, Mazda Davao, Mazda Butuan and Mazda General Santos

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