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All-around L300 bolsters Mitsubishi PH during health crisis

All-around L300 bolsters Mitsubishi PH during health crisis

Charles Buban

The coronavirus outbreak may have cut deeply into the Philippine auto sales, but for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) in particular, one vehicle model has held up relatively well: the all-around L300 utility van.

With auto makers including MMPC, offering aggressive finance deals and sales of business-oriented models, including the L300, haven’t dropped significantly, expect more of the Japanese automaker to bounce back faster as the market recovers. “We at MMPC are optimistic that the economy will continue to improve in the succeeding months. We are geared to provide better offerings to the market to support their vehicle needs during these trying times. For the Mirage G4 and L300 which both are proudly Filipino-made, we rolled back its prices as far as sevan years to make it more affordable to the market,” said MMPC president and CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri.

Last month, the L300 showed a strong monthly sales performance, selling 699 units that translates to a 35 percent increase versus its July retail sales of 517 units. MMPC attributes the strong demand to the rising need for utility vans and the steadily growing business for delivery services.

Overall, MMPC capped off the month of August with a total of 2,621 units retaining its second spot in the automotive industry. The Xpander crossover remains MMPC’s best-selling model with 620 units followed by the Strada pickup truck with 564 units.

Currently, MMPC is offering a rollback promo, which reduces the price of the Mirage G4 GLX MT to just P528,000 and the cab and chassis only variant of the L300 to P698,000.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. president and CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri and Mitsubishi Corporation Manila Branch general manager Keiichi Matsunaga stand beside the 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV delivery

Last Sept. 11, MMPC announced the delivery of the first Outlander PHEV, signalling the start of another potential big seller for the company. The Outlander PHEV is Mitsubishi’s flagship Plug-in Hybrid SUV that MMPC launched last Sept. 5.

The unit was delivered to Keiichi Matsunaga, GM of Mitsubishi Corp. Manila Branch and will be utilized as their official company vehicle. Mitsubishi Corp. is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide, as well as a global network of around 1,700 groups of companies.

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Oshikiri said: “With the initial transaction of Outlander PHEV to Mitsubishi Corp., MMPC is excited to jumpstart a collaboration between the two companies that is geared to promote environment friendly and self-sustaining technology. As announced in January, we plan to integrate Vehicle to Home (V2H)1 showcase facilities to some of our pilot dealers. We hope that in the future, we can also collaborate with Mitsubishi Corp. to accelerate the introduction of renewable and self-sustaining power supply systems to MMPC.”

Mitsubishi Corp. is also a 20 percent shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors Corp of Japan. 

Since its launch as the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV in 2013, the Outlander PHEV has expanded its presence to more than 60 countries, with total sales volume reaching more than 260,000 units as of August 2020. It is the world’s best-selling PHEV and has been Europe’s best-selling PHEV for the past five years (2015-2019).

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