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Before the ongoing pandemic forced the automotive business landscape to wholeheartedly—albeit hurriedly—embrace e-commerce, data and analysis from the 2019 Automotive Ecommerce Report of Digital Commerce 360 already predicted that the online world would revolutionize automotive retailing.

What Digital Commerce 360 didn’t anticipate was that this automotive revolution would happen much sooner.

Though the economic slowdown due to the public health crisis may have initially stunned the industry, recovery, adaptation, and innovation have been the figurative ladders enabling car companies to climb out of the hole and onto the new and exciting world of digital. True, nothing still beats visiting actual car showrooms and immersing ourselves with the look, feel, and touch of brand-new vehicles. The so-called “new normal”, however, has changed the rules of the game. With public health and safety on the line, the next best thing to visiting dealerships and showrooms is, of course, going into virtual space.

Last month, Inquirer Motoring reported that in the online world, things have been moving at a truly blinding pace.

One such automotive company, in particular, seems to have gone into warp speed and compiled all six of its vehicle brands and their services into one all-encompassing website.

AC Motors, the automotive and motorcycle distribution and retail group of Ayala subsidiary AC Industrials, has harnessed the power and potential of technology and digital revolution to create an online store for all of its six brands – Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, KTM, Kia, and Maxus with the ACMotors.com.ph website.

ACMotors.com.ph is designed as an integrated webpage for vehicles under the six AC Motors’ brands that provides a comprehensive and interactive touchpoint for customers to gain information about its products, have their queries answered, offer feedback, and ultimately make reservations—all within the digital space, without the risk of actual physical contact.

Simply by logging on to ACMotors.com.ph, users can already accomplish the following: Shop by brand or body type; find a dealer; request for a quotation; apply for financing; request for a test drive; make a reservation; e-mail inquiries, and interact through live chat. It’s practically an AC Motors’ dealership at your service, right in the palm of your hands or on your desktop.

The ACMotors.com.ph site is designed in a way that would guide the user into a helpful and informative online experience. The Home Page welcomes the users and presents the six global brands. When users click their brand of choice, the site then takes them to the brand’s vehicle landing page, where specifications and pricing of each model’s variants are shown. Additionally, filtering options located at the leftmost portion is added for customer convenience of shortlisting their options by price, seating capacities, and even by body type in which brand filter preferences will be revealed. Other pertinent functions such as “Add to cart for reservation,” “Request a quote,” “Request a test drive,” “Apply for Financing,” and “links to test drive reviews” are also available.

The “Find a dealer” page also helps users determine the nearest dealerships and their contact details. TheACMotors.com.ph site also features information and news about AC Motors, which helps customers and browsers gain a better appreciation of the company, its advocacies, and its achievements. It also features news and test drive reviews, gathered from various media platforms to help potential buyers make informed purchasing decisions. The site even has a Careers section for applicants who wish to join one of the country’s dynamic automotive and motorcycle companies.

ACMotors.com.ph went live and public this Sept 15, offering a new way for Filipino motorists to experience all six car brands in just one site.

Tracing back its roots to Ayala Automotive Holdings Corporation with its first Honda dealership in 1991, the company has grown into one of the country’s leading innovative mobility distribution and retail groups, and has also seen a rapid expansion of its dealerships and partners across the country.

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