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Until early this year, only a handful of Toyota owners would even entertain the idea of having their vehicles professionally sanitized. But the coronavirus pandemic changed everyone’s perception. These days, Toyota owners want to feel protected and the idea of their vehicle’s interior as a grand sanctuary against unseen pathogens has become very relevant.

In May, Toyota Motor PH announced the availability of Toyota BactaKlenz Treatment, a new service that the country’s leading automaker initially offered for free to those availing their periodic maintenance, general service, or body and paint within the promo period.

BactaKlenz, a Toyota Genuine Product approved by Toyota Motor Corp., employs a specially designed fumigation device that atomize the concentrated disinfectant solution into “nano-sized” cleaning and disinfecting particles. 

The Toyota technician will pour a small vial of the proprietary formula to the fumigation device. Thick clouds of vapor will soon fill the cabin once the fumigation device is placed and activated inside the vehicle. Afterward, the Toyota technician will remove the fumigation device and turn on the air-con so the proprietary formula now suspended inside the cabin could penetrate every nook and cranny of the vehicle. These suspended disinfecting particles are circulated through the ventilation system, killing off any deep-rooted mold and fungi that may have taken root in there over the past several years (interestingly, these pathogens may already be causing diseases if not triggering allergies).

15-minute process

The sanitation treatment takes only 15 minutes and within this short time frame, virtually all areas of the vehicle interior will be reached. What remains of the treatment is the lingering herbal scent—that includes sage oil—which also reportedly enhances the Toyota BactaKelnz’s anti-viral properties.

Another deal-breaker for Toyota PH: ChemLab of Malaysia also tested Toyota BactaKlenz for durability—it found that after one treatment, the solution remains active against virus, bacteria, and fungus for at least eight weeks and even up to 12 weeks.

This is significant for Toyota owners because with its long-term efficacy, the Toyota BactaKlenz provides longer protection against deadly, disease- or odor-causing pathogens. This also means it is a lot more cost effective especially when compared with other products that have not thoroughly tested for its durability and lack international certifications for such.

Toyota BactaKlenz is offered at all 70 Toyota dealerships and 5 service centers nationwide. While it is offered as a stand-alone service, Toyota PH’s Express Sanitation service will soon include BactaKlenz treatment.

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