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As if the number “2” wasn’t obvious enough for the chosen date (Oct. 22, 2020), and with two months remaining for the year, Honda Cars Philippines Inc launched two models online this Thursday, the 5th generation Honda CR-V crossover and the 5th generation City sedan.

The reason for the double launch was explained by Masahiko Nakamura, HCPI president. “Due to the current global pandemic, we had strategized to simultaneously launch the new Honda CR-V and the all-new Honda City in order to show our presence to our market and offer the best options to our valuable customers during this situation, since these launches are simultaneously linked with our 30th anniversary in the Philippines. We strongly believe that these two models will make significant sales contributions for the remainder of 2020 as the CR-V and the City have always been two of HCPI’s most well-loved models.”

At the launch of the all new Honda City and Honda CR-V are, from left, Ryohei Adachi, Masahiko Nakamura and Atty. Louie Soriano

In 2019, HCPI sold a total of 20,338 units, with the City emerging as its bestselling model with approximately 7,600 units sold, for a 44-percent share in its passenger car lineup.

Nakamura disclosed that for 2020, HCPI continues to be among the top 10 industry leaders, selling over 5,000 passenger cars and around 2,600 commercial vehicles to date.

“In previous years, the A and B segments remained as major contributors to HCPI’s passenger car sales. The Brio has played a major part, and the consistent demand for the City continues, while the BR-V and CR-V are still stable contributors to our commercial vehicle sales,” enumerated Nakamura.

Lawyer Louie Soriano, HCPI sales division head and spokesperson, told online attendees that the City and the CR-V “have always been iconic and well-loved in the Philippines”.

Describing the new CR-V, he said, “It’s loaded with upgraded looks and features through its newly designed exterior, advanced technology and safety features, particularly its Honda Sensing for certain variants, and fuel efficient yet powerful Turbo Diesel engine.”

He added that the new CR-V maintains its spacious 7-seating capacity “with just the right body size”.

For the all-new City, on the other hand, Soriano gushes that the sedan “has an even more sporty and stylish design along with its new RS variant. Furthermore, its advanced technology and powerful yet efficient engine truly makes it a best-value sporty sedan.”

Just like the rest of the Honda roster, these two new vehicles boast of low ownership costs: “We do not only strive to equip our cars with new technologies and improved engine performance, but take pride in producing and developing powerful vehicles at a low cost of ownership.”

In his speech during the virtual launch, Masayuki Igarashi, chief officer for regional operations of Honda Motor Co Ltd for Asia and Oceania, said: “(Since its) launch in 1995, the CR-V has enabled people to travel in comfort, focusing on utilizing the space of a large wagon and the mobility of a 4-wheel drive. To date, there have been more than 11.3 million CR-Vs sold in over 130 countries. Throughout its five generations, it has become one of Honda’s main pillars.”

Igarashi, who is also president and CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co Ltd, added: “The City, launched in 1996 as a regional model in response to the growing demand in the Asian market, has become the car that offers the best value for money. Going beyond Asia, the City is now sold in more than 60 countries. It has become a strategic vehicle for many regions and has recorded around 4 million units sold globally.”

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