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Mazda Philippines, together with its 19 dealerships nationwide, recently announced that it will recall about 1,838 cars from its lineup covering 2017 to 2019 models. The Preventive Service Campaign calls for the replacement of fuel pumps which like the recently announced Toyota campaign, may lead to stalling if the pump fails. So far no Mazda unit has been reported to have suffered this fate yet. 

Here is a list of the Mazda models and the  number of units that are covered in this campaign. 

 Model Chassis CodeNumber of Units Covered
Mazda2 DJ/ DL735
Mazda3 BN347
Mazda6 GJ GJ6
CX-5 KFKF699

Mazda has gone out to press to announce this recall and has also started to inform its affected customers for scheduling. Which brings us to why recalls are actually good for the customer. 

As a model ages, engineers who monitor the various components of each model will take note of potential safety or performance concerns that might affect the optimum operation of the vehicle. Over the years, various manufacturers around the world have resorted to these procedures in order to rectify potential or emerging design or engineering issues. Oftentimes, components that were supplied to these manufacturers are at fault. Such is the case with the fuel pumps installed in Mazda vehicles. Remember the Takata airbag inflator issue that affected almost every car brand around the world? Yes, that was a supplier problem too. 

The silver lining in every recall scenario is the fact that manufacturers have the moral and legal obligation to inform their customers that a potential problem may arise with one of its components. This shows that brands are really concerned about their customers and will go through extra lengths to remedy a faulty component. Granted, building up stocks of replacement parts will take time and that is why some brands announce their campaigns ahead of others. 

In the case of Mazda, it was quick to announce the campaign just three days after making sure the dealerships have their stock of replacement fuel pumps on hand, the proper procedures have been cascaded to the dealership technicians, and that the Department of Trade and Industry has been informed of the details of the campaign. 

“We have always been transparent to our customers whenever their vehicles require special attention. Their safety is always our priority and that is why we are always in step with the technical and performance requirements mandated by Mazda Japan to be performed on the cars we sell,” says Mazda Philippines president and CEO, Steven Tan. 

With Mazda Philippines’ CEO and its After-sales team on top of the situation, Mazda owners who have cars covered by the campaign can be assured that they will be handled quickly and efficiently. All they have to do now is contact their dealer directly to find out if their car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or Chassis Number as indicated in the OR/CR of the vehicle, is included in the recall. Or they may also check out Mazda Philippines’ website and see from the uploaded file of affected vehicles, if their car’s VIN is there. The dealerships will give each customer involved a call though. So that’s one thing less to worry about. 

The fuel pump replacement procedure is supposed to take only 2.5 hours to complete. Not only do these cars get a brand new fuel pump, but they also get the peace of mind they deserve from their ride. 

So the next time you consider buying a brand new car, cherish the fact that you are also paying for that extra measure of safety and confidence in a brand that has your well-being covered. Choose a brand that will ensure your ownership experience and your well-being are its priorities. 

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