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Every year, the 21 car, truck and motorcycle brands of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the 25 global brands of the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors, Inc. (AVID) compete to enter or keep up in the honor roll of Top 10 Sales Performers.

The rankings at the close of 2019 got scrambled during the pandemic year 2020. When January 2020 began, the Magic Five Circle consisted of Toyota as undisputed Numero Uno, Mitsubishi second, Nissan at third, Hyundai at fourth and Suzuki at fifth.

The lower ranks were occupied by Ford at sixth, Honda at seventh, Isuzu at eighth, Kia (Adventure Cycle PH, Inc.) at ninth and Foton as the cellar dweller.

But by the time the first quarter ended in March 2020, former seventh placer Honda had overtaken both sixth placer Ford and fifth placer Suzuki to grab the latter’s spot in the Magic Five.

So Year-to-Date March 2020, the Top 10 list had Toyota at the top, Mitsubishi second, Nissan third, Hyundai fourth, and Honda fifth.  Ford was sixth, Suzuki was seventh, Isuzu eighth, Kia ninth and Foton was tenth.

However, Suzuki was snapping at the heels of Ford, which almost slid to sixth place since the American brand had sold only 27 vehicles more (3,894 total) than Suzuki’s 3,867 vehicles sold.

June 2020 was Suzuki’s month of restoration.  YTD June 2020, Suzuki leapfrogged over both Ford and Honda to recover fifth place by scoring 5,660 unit sales versus Ford’s 5,367 and Honda’s 5,173.

Thus at the end of the first semester, the Magic Five again consisted of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai and Suzuki in that order, the same as at the beginning of the pandemic year.

Among the last five, Foton overtook Kia to take the ninth spot, pushing the Korean brand down to tenth. 

Foton is the only Chinese brand in the Top 10, while Hyundai and Kia are the only Korean brands.  Hyundai is the only non-Japanese brand to have attained No. 3 in the Magic Five Circle and kept that spot for many years. After it was overtaken by Nissan, Hyundai has remained steady at fourth place.

The Top 10 YTD October 2020 rankings remained the same as at the end of the third quarter in September.  


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