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Nearly two decades of being a disruptive force in the local automotive industry, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai Passenger Cars, “connexts” with its customers and businesses to build a better normal at the country’s first virtual auto show, the Manila International Auto Show 2020 (MIAS WIRED 2020).

With the theme CONNEXT, HARI is showcasing its proud portfolio of vehicles that has won the hearts and minds of many Filipinos.

“The theme CONNEXT is only fitting because Hyundai has forged deep ties with Filipino consumers through its impressive line-up of vehicles and services. I am proud to say that thousands of Filipinos start their daily journeys with a Hyundai. Also, the theme underscores the digital revolution happening in HARI and the entire industry. Through MIAS WIRED 2020, we will be able to reach out to more customers despite the distance and physical barriers. Our journey continues,” said HARI President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo.

At MIAS WIRED 2020, HARI is featuring its best-sellers starting with the Filipino family’s van of choice, the Hyundai STAREX; the venerable Hyundai ACCENT, ranked among the top passenger cars in the country; the globally-acclaimed subcompact Hyundai KONA; the Hyundai REINA, which has been a hit among first-time car buyers; and the new star of the company’s line-up, the Hyundai VENUE, the smallest in the Hyundai’s crossover family but big practicality and personality.

Hyundai CONNEXT kicks off HARI’s celebration of 20 years in the business. Starting operations in August 2001 before the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, HARI is no stranger to global turmoil and has survived the ups and downs in the industry with a challenger brand that has stirred the market through the years with ground breaking products and services.

As Ms Agudo is wont to say, Hyundai stepped into the hearts of consumers with the “right products at the right time… there will always be a Hyundai to meet the needs of the times and give Filipinos the experience they deserve.” But the Hyundai experience will not be complete without its award-winning After Sales service that provides the needed peace of mind for long journeys ahead. The ground-breaking Hyundai Five-Year Unlimited Warranty Program remains the much-copied but never beaten industry standard, while Jet Service, now Fast Track, has evolved into an even speedier version of Hyundai’s pioneering one-stop shop for Preventive Maintenance service.

With a winning track record for relevant innovation through the years, it shouldn’t be surprising that HARI in less than a decade from its founding shot up from zero to the top in auto industry sales ranking, on the back of a dealership network that aggressively expanded from four in 2001 to today’s 42 passenger car dealerships.

Hyundai Motor Company took note and rightly awarded HARI with, among many, the Global Distributor of the Year (2010 and 2016) and Asia-Pacific Distributor of the Year (2005, 2006, 2009, and 2013).

“Why has HARI remained among the top 5 brands in the automotive industry for close to two decades?” observes Ms. Agudo, “It’s our power to connect with consumers, dealerships, business partners, employees, and stakeholders with our legacy products that have become a household word for thousands of Filipinos. Connection is our strength, so we coined CONNEXT as our next move in 2021. It bridges HARI’s remarkable past with an even brighter future. It is NEXT ACTION to build a new HARI and a better Hyundai in 2021.”

Learn more about Hyunadi CONNEXT at www.hyundai.ph and www.facebook.com/HyundaiPH.

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