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While it may be easy for us to dismiss cars as mere inanimate objects that do not deserve our attention, let us remind ourselves of the valuable relationship we share with our rides. The fact that they start each day and are ready to take us on another journey is in itself an important contribution by cars to our daily routine. 

A car that is properly maintained gives back by providing us comfort, security and peace of mind. It keeps our families and friends safe and protects us from the elements. Because of its role in our lives, a car can be a legitimate significant other. 

So it is only deserving for our cars to be remembered and honored this Christmas.  And we can do so by giving them gifts that not only reward their loyal service, but also ensure that we can count on them to continue being our reliable partners in life. 

Here are 12 Christmas gift suggestions that will make your car feel true love this year.

A fresh set of tires

When was the last time you bought your car a brand new set of tires? Aside from being your car’s only contact on the road, the right tires also dictate the level of comfort and confidence in every drive. Upgrading to a higher performance tire brand can also give you better grip on varying conditions. If there’s one item in your car that you should not scrimp on, this is it. 

New windshield wipers

If your windshield gets blurrier as the wipers move back and forth, then you probably need to replace them. They are not particularly expensive but they do play an important role in your safety. With the ongoing rainy season, having a clear vision of the road ahead is essential to every drive. 

An oil change

For new cars, this happens every time they go for preventive maintenance. But for models more than three years old, this should be done just as regularly. Having fresh engine oil with specifications recommended by the manufacturer, ensures the optimal performance of the car’s motor and contributes to its reliability. As the lifeblood of your engine, motor oil keeps metal components moving smoothly, takes out engine residue and can even help improve fuel efficiency.  With the kind of traffic we have nowadays, having an oil change more often is even more ideal. 

A thorough detailing

Having a clean and fresh smelling car does wonders to your driving disposition. Aside from making it a conducive environment to live in, remember you are spending hours inside your car because of traffic, a spotless interior lessens the formation of harmful bacteria. You will be surprised with the amount of gunk and dirt that circulates inside your car. An equally spotless exterior may be a challenge nowadays with the incessant rainfall,  but giving your car some tender loving care this season can contribute to its longevity. Who does not want a new looking car for the new year anyway?

Proper sanitation service

With COVID-19 cases surging, extra care should be exercised to ensure we do not become infected. An anti-bac treatment helps. And keeping the surfaces clean afterwards with alcohol wipes, or even regular wipe downs of high touch surfaces with soapy water, will ensure your car does not become a hotbed of bacteria and viruses. 

Book a PMS schedule

If you have been too busy at work the past months to get a Preventive Maintenance Service  schedule, this holiday season should be a good time to have one done for your car. Aside from an oil change, the casa, or a trusted shop, can also give your car a thorough check for components that need to be replaced or repaired. You owe your car a regular workup with all the abuse it gets on our roads.

An infotainment system with smartphone mirroring

If you are still stuck in the old way of in-car entertainment, that is a radio and a CD player, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a touchscreen system. Modern technology has made real time navigation, smartphone connectivity and even video playback a norm nowadays. The aftermarket is rich with options and these modern day  head units can make your drive safer and all the more enjoyable. 

A proper horn

While more and more car brands come with weak, single horns nowadays, the sad reality here is we need louder horns to make our presence felt on the road. The car horn is an essential tool on Philippine roadways with so many motorists and pedestrians disregarding traffic rules. Have one installed by a reputable shop or the casa so that the correct electrical wiring measures are installed.

A portable fire extinguisher

This is one item you pray you will not need, but it pays to have one in case you will. With fire extinguishers getting smaller nowadays, it is almost unforgivable not to have one on stand-by in your car. Quite an important add-on for older cars, a small fire extinguisher can help save your pride and joy from burning down. *knocks on wood*

Update its registration

Who does not want a child to have a proper name? Or in this case, own a car that is registered to someone else? Granted it takes a decent effort to get a change of owner service accomplished, having the car registered under your name is not only the law, but it is also a sign of your diligence and responsibility. Updating your car’s registration is your duty as a car owner. 

Comprehensive insurance

What do typhoons Ondoy and Ulysses have in common? Both share the unfortunate reputation of causing floods that submerged many cars. Also, both underscore the need for comprehensive insurance policy with an Acts of God clause for every car. If you are still on the fence on whether to spend extra for car insurance, we hope that the recent sights of inundated cars make you decide to get one now.

RFID stickers

And of course, what would 2020 be without one of the most controversial car ownership debacles in recent memory? Despite the drama the cashless payment has been contributing to your social media news feeds, the real, tangible benefits and convenience of a proper working RFID system should not be lost on you. Find time over the holidays to have the stickers installed. Your car will eventually thank you for them. 

The surging COVID-19 pandemic may have drastically changed the way we value our cars. With all the protection, comfort and convenience our cars afford us now,  let us make sure that we give our steeds the tender loving care they deserve this Christmas as well. Be your car’s true love this Christmas.

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