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Audi Sport: ushering a new breed of high-performance vehicles in the Philippines

Audi Sport: ushering a new breed of high-performance vehicles in the Philippines

Botchi Santos

In the local luxury car market, Audi has always been overshadowed by its fellow Germans, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The three-pointed star has long established itself as the predominant choice for the conservative, old-rich, whereas BMW has launched multiple price-busting vehicles in its respective segments that offer unparalleled value-for-money. The latest luxury limousine, the BMW 7-Series, the amazing track-slayer, the M2 Competition and in the past, Malaysian-sourced models have allowed the blue and white roundel from Bavaria to undercut its rivals. That isn’t to say Audi isn’t any good; rather, because Audis come packed with the latest in features and technology, they do tend dot be rather pricier than their competitors in their respective segments.  Value comes in different forms after all. 

But all that is about to change. Audi Philippines is revitalizing its range, bringing in the complete line of Audi’s even more premium vehicles under the Audi Sport brand. A push from high volume sales to low-volume, high-margin and highly specialized sales is admittedly risky given these current economic times, but Audi Philippines is confident that they are well equipped to deliver a better, more specialized and more exclusive sales experience to their customers. Continued success from their other brands which include Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche, all part of the Robert Coyiuto Jr. – owned PGA Cars Inc group is a good indication for Audi Sport’s success in the Philippines. Audi Philippines also believes they can gain new, conquest sales / customers who have always liked the Audi Sport RS brand but previously couldn’t find an Audi vehicle that suited their exact needs.

In an exclusive telephone interview, Audi Philippines Head Benedicto T. Coyiuto said that ‘Audi Sport will usher in a new generation of high performance vehicles to the local luxury car market, allowing more people to enjoy the latest in performance and technology in a more practical and versatile package such as a sedan, Avant (station wagon) or cross-over SUV. The popularity of Audi Sport models in South East Asia is growing despite the economic conditions brought about by COVID. We at Audi Philippines are confident that demand will be strong for Audi Sport once the models are launched. We also foresee many current Audi owners trading in their regular Audis to move up to an equivalent RS model from Audi Sport.’ 

Expect to see the complete line-up of RS3, RS4 Avant, RS5 coupe, RS6 Avant, RS7, RS TT Coupe and Roadster, RSQ3 and RSQ8 cross-over models in the coming days, with the latest R8 V10+ supercars joining the fray in a matter of weeks. And as with any Audi RS model, these cars come packed with motorsports-winning heritage, and for almost all models sans the R8 V10+, the latest in turbocharged, direct-injected fuel technology. All are mated to their iconic Quattro all-wheel drive system and ingenious dual-clutch or automatic transmissions. 

No strangers to the fiercest of motorsport competitions, Audi is known for innovation, tested in the toughest races which include the German Touring Car Championship (DTM), the Le Mans 24 Hours / World Endurance Championship, Sportscar GT Racing and more recently, Formula E. The brand holds the distinction of being a two-time World Rally Manufacturer’s Champion in 1982 and 1984, brought about by the then-revolutionary Quattro All-Wheel Drive system. Audi is also one of the most successful manufacturer to ever compete at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans with a total of 13 outright wins, and Audi was the first diesel car to win at Le Mans, was the first hybrid equipped vehicle to win at Le Mans and currently the ONLY diesel-hybrid vehicle to win at the famed French 24-Hour endurance race. Audi has also won the modern-era German Touring Car Championship as a manufacturer six times. 

Audi Sport RS models undergo a minimum of 8,000 kilometers worth of testing at the famed Nurburgring, ensuring they are more than capable enough for the most demanding of drivers on the toughest of race tracks and road conditions anywhere in the world. A mild-hybrid 48-volt assist system helps reduce fuel consumption, with a cylinder deactivation feature on Audi’s twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 also gains back some efficiency. Audi’s ULTRA lightweight technology suite helps analyze and reduce unnecessary weight from the aluminum-intensive RS models.

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In closing, PGA Cars Chairman Robert Coyiuto Jr reached out to me and had this to say: ‘We are not shifting from Audi to Audi Sport. Rather, we are merely continuing to offer the high-performance RS models from Audi Sport, just as we have included RS models in our lineup for a number of years already. Audi Sport models have not only won various top awards from international publications and automotive industry organizations, but have proven their capabilities in prestigious motor racing events across the world- like the iconic endurance races like Le Mans, Nurburgring 24 Hours, and Spa Francorchamps. Audi departs the DTM Sereis as back-to-back champions. Not surprisingly, the RS models will always cater to enthusiasts’ varied vehicle preferences, which Audi Sport’s diverse mix of RS models addresses.’  

Always wanted a German rocket sled but need more than two doors to haul your family with? Perhaps a cross-over / SUV to help you conquer your drive up and down your private farm road? Or enjoy Le Mans sports car winning technology? Audi Sport has you covered. 

Audi Sport RS 6 Avant