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After the horrific rollercoaster ride of 2020, we now face a new year with an optimistic mindset. The Philippines is hopefully on the road to recovery.

But the fight is not over yet. 

As we all fight to retake our lives, we cannot deny that we also saw some silver linings and great learnings last year. Moving forward, I made my own “Start, Stop and Continue” list for 2021.


Electric cars. The global trend of shifting to electric vehicles has not taken traction in the Philippines due to the hefty price tag and facility lack. Electric cars will only happen if the price of electricity goes down, big incentives in buying these vehicles are offered, and if petroleum companies will put up charging stations. We hope the key players start cooperating to get this off the ground.

2019 – Recharge bidirectionnelle

Teach road safety to NextGen. We’ve seen how pleasant it is to having free-flowing traffic whenthere are fewer cars on the road. But in reality, traffic jams are usually caused by one or two undisciplined people who feel entitled to counter-flow. Since we could migrate to online schooling, why not include road safety or common road courtesy in the school’s curriculum? 

Discover the Philippines. In 2020 we were lucky enough to be able to go to Batangas frequently. We discovered that there’s a lot more to the province, which was 2.5 hours away from Alabang, than we already knew. We never really got to know the hidden gems of the countryside because we prioritized going to Hong Kong or Japan.


Political bickering The debate on which vaccine to take, or to even take it without the fear that we would turn into Zombies (remember World War Z or I am Legend?), is already dominating the headlines worsened by mudslinging here and there. We hope our decision-makers set aside their egos and decide what would benefit the citizenry and not their personal treasury.

Annoying and undisciplined Filipinos. While wearing of mask and face-shield is truly a hassle, it was not mandated to piss you off. Same with traffic rules and common road courtesy: they are not there, so you can break them. So please don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

Greed and overpricing. We saw this in face-mask, face shield, testing kits, and everything else. I know that entrepreneurs are supposed to grab every opportunity, but you also need to be sympathetic to your fellow human beings. Rumors that the easier sputum ( aliva) antigen tests couldn’t get government approval because there are lots of stocks of the nasal antigen tests brought in by enterprising individuals and consortiums making people angry. Just a reminder: Karma is a B#$@h.


Micromobility. The demand for personal mobility devices such as electric bikes, scooters, and similar has increased in the last couple of years due to traffic congestion, lack of parking, and now the hassle of riding public transportation due to the risk of catching the virus. Not only will this free up space in the congested cities, but it will also help in the pollution. 

Bike lanes. Asdiscussed, the increase in people using personal mobility devices will continue in 2021. To encourage people to embrace this, we must put the infrastructure to make sure they will not get run over by a bus. We hope the leaders would prioritize this as it has lots of benefits.

Chicdriven 2021 Wishlist

Support local. Now more than ever, your countrymen need you. Support the struggling small and medium enterprises or home entrepreneurs trying to make a living

More family time. The pandemic has brought families together and become more appreciative of one another. We hope that life does not become too hectic again to the point that we all are aimlessly busy once more. 

Cheers to the New Year!!

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