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We’ve seen so many different ways people are coping with the pandemic.

A lot of us have become chefs at home, some are now platitas (plates), and quite a number have been converted to K-drama addicts. My husband went on a different route. He became a webinar, learning, and exercise junkie. I went full board and went on K-drama, chef, platita, and plantita. 

Now that local travel restrictions have been relaxed, plantitas, depending on community sellers for their ration, are all over. They are up and about traveling to the nearby provinces to get their fix. So what cars should plantitas have to support their green vice?

Plant 1: Forest Sprite

You are into herbs, small potted plant level to liven up a corner on your house, or to have fresh basil on your pasta. They probably live in a condo, limiting the amount of space you can put plants unless you have made a creative shelving way to maximize your walls. 

Suzuki Jimny at P1.05M 

Jimny’s cute design gives an adventurer/earth warrior vibe that comes with a friendly price tag. It is known to have a generous and comfortable interior, a good fit for Plantita Level 1. The big pro is that it’s super compact that you can bring it anywhere and stop anywhere you see someone selling a plant.

Cherry Tigo 8 starts at P1.2M

I drove the Cherry Tigo and was surprised with the whole package. It had a blindspot camera, a European premium feel in the interior, and many tech surprises such as a concealed USB port. But what plantitas would like about this ride is its panoramic roof, which will make them feel that they are on the outdoors. It is a seven-seater cross over with enough punch for the price.

Plant 2: Maria Makiling Levels

You have proven that you can sustain a rosemary plant or lavender (God knows how many I have killed). You have started a home vegetable garden or have re-landscape your grounds. You probably bought a Vegepod or a Down To Earth Vertical Tower. You harvest chili or eggplant or know all varieties of Monstera plants. 

Toyota Fortuner starts at P1.6M

The best-selling SUV in the country can give you a lot of versatility not only on how many plants you can fit inside but also your destinations on where to get it. I have met plantitos and plantitas who go all the way to the boondocks and uproot unique plants they see. Even If you have to transport a taller plant, all you have to do is fold the third row, collapse the second-row seat, become your trunk support, and wrap the leaves so they will not be in your face. Voila, one happy plantita. 

Plant 3: Poison Ivy Levels 

You can germinate, grow plants from cuttings, and have accumulated all sorts of gadgets such as grow lights and mix their soil. You either grow your food with excess or buy plants that cost over P100K. A good example will be Aubrey Miles, who converted her passion into an income generating hobby. She said that this level of plantita put a lot of effort and affection into growing their plants. For her, she prefers pick-up trucks or a closed van.

Ford Ranger

This warrior pick-up truck has one of the biggest truck beds available in the country today. This truck can carry over 22 sacks of rice or loam soil mix. It is known to be one of the best 4×4 trucks not only for its carrying capacity and torque but, of course, the comfortable ride. Whether you want to haul trees or a trailer full of plants, this pick-up is your best bet.

Foton Traveler XL

With its friendly price tag, long wheelbase, and 19-seater capacity, the Foton Traveler is the right choice for this plantita level. It’s also a plus that this car has a bubble top, which gives you a lot of headroom when transporting plants. According to Miles, sometimes it’s better to have a closed car to deliver delicate and expensive plants to lessen the trauma or damage. 

Happy planting!!!

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