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When golf courses in Luzon were finally allowed to reopen last year, players grabbed the chance and  happily returned to the fairways and greens. For them, golf became a much-needed respite after being locked down for months. Besides, it is one of the few activities that they could safely engage in while most indoor activities are currently still not allowed.

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) Vice President and GM for Automobile Division was only too willing to join the fun, using golf not just to relax but to think deeply of business ideas.

“I have played golf several times already and aware of the current restrictions, such as wearing of face masks, which I find uncomfortable. But with golf, it gives me a chance to unwind and have light bulb moments for a business idea although I certainly hope things will get back to normal soon so we can have the same level of enjoyment as before,” he said.

It is certainly safe to assume that in 2020, Suzuki continually had those light bulb moments while chasing that little white ball around the course because SPH just gained a year-end performance of 6.3 percent—the highest recorded market share in the company’s history. It also helped SPH to maintain its ranking as among the country’s Top 5 auto brands for two years in a row, a phenomenal achievement considering it only sells compact and purpose-built products.

“We are humbled to say that last year has been indeed a very challenging time for the automobile industry and other businesses as well. However, we saw this as an opportunity to get creative with our offerings to make our customers feel that we are behind them in bouncing back, fortified our digital resources to meet our clients’ needs in customer service without leaving the comforts of their own home, and more importantly, we took it as a challenge to remain resilient and push with openings and ground breaking events for dealerships even if it meant exploring digital route,” said Suzuki.

He also added that 2020 was special since the company launched the All-New XL7 seven-seater SUV and the S-Presso compact crossover, which “are now starting to grow in the hearts of modern Filipino families who seek value in what they invest on,” according to Suzuki.

To increase its market share this year, Suzuki explained that SPH had to go beyond what they are usually doing. “This was no easy feat during this time of pandemic. We just have to be honest about what we say to our customer—that what they get is value for their money when they choose to drive home a Suzuki vehicle and make it as their daily partner on the road.

“Our products are forged with the expertise of the masters in automobile in different countries yet still comes along with a tag price that is reasonable and attainable. In a sense, our value proposition considering the implications and changes COVID-19 presented in society is the promise of getting your money’s worth without sacrificing style, comfort, efficiency, dependability, and functionality,” assured Suzuki.

Expand reach

For 2021, Suzuki related that SPH is expanding nationwide to reach more of its market. “We now have dealerships rising in different locations as well as fully utilizing our digital resources that seem to be the safest and most convenient way at the moment to keep our close proximity in terms of service to our customers.”

Suzuki also promised fans to expect new and more exciting promos coming their way as SPH continues to study and discover ways on how it can champion the Suzuki Way of Life! among the Filipino market through automobiles and its capabilities.

“Like how we have always remained resilient over the years, our commitment to produce quality products and give the Suzuki driving experience to our customers are still the center of everything we do as a company. These are essential to us as a player in the automobile industry as we reach for new milestones and targets for 2021,” said Suzuki.

Suzuki added that by allowing themselves to explore a multitude of ways to offer only the best products, customer service, and driving experience to their customers, SPH’s goals this year will be very much achievable and attainable. 

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