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It’s the best time to feel romantic. 

Reason why Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) launched the latest Okavango model, the Okavango Urban Plus with a P1.478 million price tag today.

The other exterior and interior upgrades notwithstanding, the Okavango Urban Plus features a 60-inch Panoramic Sunroof that can provide a romantic setting inside the cabin with automatic shutdown function.

ADB (Adaptive Drive Beam) Matrix LED Headlamps have been installed on the new Okavango variant with four lighting modes, self-adjusting high and low beams, Adaptive Front Lighting System (Steering Linkage) and an automatic headlight leveler.

There’s also a 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Panel for music, radio, and other multimedia functions.

All these exciting features were inspired by the tagline “Wonderfully Distinct Even More”.

Just like the Urban variant, the Okavango Urban Plus is powered by a 1.5L Turbo engine, vast interior where adults can seat comfortably in all three rows, 19-seat configurations, 42 storage nooks and compartments, double-layer console, triple-zone airconditioning system equipped with CN95 filter.

“For SGAP, it will all be about moving forward and cautiously beefing up the game this year. We will further reinforce our product line up for this year starting with the introduction of the Okavango Urban Plus variant and a few more updates and another model in the second half of the year,” SGAP Executive Vice President Yosuke Nishi said during today’s Chinese New Year Media Lunch.

IN PHOTO: Sojitz G Auto Philippines president Mikihisa Takayama with the Okavango Urvan Plus

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