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It’s that time of the year again when we try to get good Chi on our side. So what’s in store for us in the Year of the Ox? Well, I have once again conferred with Master Aldric Dalumpines, my Geomancer, for about 16 years now. And as for my personal experience, there is nothing wrong with combining prayers, hard work, and Feng shui to get all your bases covered after a year like 2020. 

So, according to Master Aldric:

A bullish year amidst a recession is the Feng shui economic outlook both globally and locally. Despite heavy unemployment and growing underemployment in the labor sectors, life goes on with business as unusual!

2021 as a Metal Ox Year will be more of the same as the 2020 Metal Rat year. However, with significantly remarkable improvements as the populace, government and private sector adapt and adjust accordingly to the learning curves of the pandemic.

Presumption of regularity spurs bullish confidence with cautious optimism. The successful vaccination programs that are slowly coming to different countries is giving everyone hope.

Feng shui allies of the Ox sign lead lucky Chinese Zodiac signs in career, love, money, and health. These are the Rooster, Snake, followed by the rebounding fates of both Rat and Horse personalities.

Philippine Feng shui is dependent on reading the incumbent president’s Chinese zodiac, Rooster, and excellent in the Metal Ox year! 

Average luck augurs for Rabbit, Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, and Pig! Challenged health and fortunes heavily affect Ox’s opposing sign, which are the Sheep and fellow Ox! Equally affected with lousy luck are Dog people.

However, proper Feng shui of homes and business for all signs remain critical to the challenges posed by the Metal Ox year 2021. Elementary solutions are available for these purposes to alleviate bad health and finances.

To start, you can also wear a lot of white, which is 2021’s lucky color. To absorb all the good Chi business-wise, face your desk in the northeast direction or the southwest. For health luck, put a 6-rod metal chime at the northern corner of your room or office.

Travel tips to avoid mishaps and bad health:

1) Avoid lion or tiger labeled items like biscuits or water bottles.

2) Avoid unlucky stuff toys or images of sheep, ram or goat, dog inside the vehicle as it attaches bad luck being Ox year.

3) Avoid octagon or 8-sided golf or ordinary umbrellas which is bad luck

4) Avoid green and red colors inside your car.

What to prepare for Chinese New Year

1. Place eight oranges and one pineapple on your table. 

2. For prosperity, serve a whole chicken with head and feet. To arm, the family breadwinners, include a whole fish on your menu and serve with its face towards them.

3. Serve clams, oysters, scallops, but if you want to take it to the next level, you may opt for abalone and lobsters with big claws for abundance. 

4. Don’t forget to serve something sticky and food made out of dough that rises, such as Buchi and sweets. 

Nothing beats hard work and focus on what matters, such as family, health, and mental health. One good thing about the Ox sign is that it is marked by resilience and enduring survival.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

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