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Chery’s new Tiggo 7 Pro SUV has a long list of  standard features

Falling in like with a car is easy enough. All it takes is attractive styling and an enticing feature set, and you can’t wait to drive it. After the first date, the vehicle in question has to have enough substance to make a long-term relationship worthwhile. Here is where the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro excels. Not only does it have sleek design and spacious interior, it also has a comprehensive set of features that make it an enticing proposition: 

The aforementioned design is certainly important, and that’s where the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro makes a strong first impression. The international design team was led by Britain’s Kevin Rice, and ticks all the boxes of a new SUV. Fitting in with Chery’s new design concept, dubbed Aesthetics, the Tiggo 7 Pro features sleek and harmonious lines. The roof is a ‘floating’ design, with blacked out front and rear pillars. A lightning-shaped chrome strip underscores the side glass, matching well with the creases that run across the doors. The LED taillamps span the width of the rear hatch, accentuating the Tiggo 7 Pro’s width. The Tiggo 7 Pro’s designer previously worked on the Mazda MX-5 and BMW 1,3, and 4 Series.
The Tiggo 7 Pro’s modern fascia has a large hexagonal grille with chrome highlights embedded around the Chery logo. Slim matrix LED headlights feature triple the brightness of conventional headlamps, and employ a time-delayed Follow Me Home function. Dynamic turn signals and LED daytime running lights are standard as well. The Tiggo Pro 7’s integrated luggage racks add 50kg of carrying capacity.

The Tiggo 7 Pro is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. With the aid of turbocharging and dual variable-valve timing, the compact engine produces 146ps, and 210 Nm from just 1750 rpm. The engine is mated to a CVT, which sets the optimum ratio depending on whether more powerful acceleration or efficient cruising economy is needed. It is preset to engage 9 forward ratios. 

Convenience and comfort
The Tiggo 7 Pro carries a whole boatload of comfort and convenience features within its stylish new bodyshell. The prototype for this car was awarded “Best Concept Car” by the well-known Red Dot Design Award of Germany. 
The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro allows easy, convenient access—with the standard keyless entry system, you just have to pull on the door handle to unlock it. You can then settle into the motorized driver’s seat. Push the Engine Start button, and the engine settles into a quiet idle. There’s evidently a lot of noise suppression involved—when you open the engine compartment, all is hidden under large swathes of plastic. Acceleration within the city and to minimum highway speeds is sufficiently brisk. 
In front of the driver is a tilt and telescope- adjusting steering wheel. The shifter is fully electronic, as usually seen on premium European and Japanese models. The gauges are on a large 12-inch LCD screen, which is capable also of displaying safety information such as tire pressure, and fuel efficiency. A second, 10.25-inch high-def LCD is mounted on the center. The touchscreen panel can link to one’s mobile phone via Apple CarPlay, QD Link connectivity for Android, and Mirror Link. There’s a third screen that controls the airconditioning. The Tiggo 7 Pro features a wireless charging pad for easy device charging. 
Convenience and comfort featues abound in the Tiggo 7 Pro, such as the power tailgate, dual-zone automatic airconditioning, ambient lighting embedded in the dash, and 360-degree HD reverse camera. The camera also activates when turning a corner at low speed, so you can spot in real time how close you are to curbs  during tight manuevering. Four sensors around the car sound a proximity warning as well. 
The power tailgate can be set to automatically open when one approaches with key in pocket. The car’s smart key can also turn on the engine and aircon, and open all windows. The Tiggo Pro 7’s N95-rated air filter helps to screen out harmful bacteria and viruses, especially important these days. The air purifier system gives the Tiggo Pro 7 a “rainforest-like” interior air quality. 
Space and carrying capacity 
The Tiggo 7 Pro is a premium version of the midsize Tiggo SUV. The Tiggo 7 Pro checks in at 4500mm long x 1824mm wide x 1746mm height. It features a long 2670mm wheelbase to maximize interior space. The Tiggo 7 Pro is a five-seat SUV with a large trunk space.
Inside the Tiggo Pro 7 is a roomy interior that’s comfortable for five occupants. The instrument panel has a symmetrical design and is mounted low to enhance outside visiblity. Panels are double-stitched to add a premium touch. Up above is a panoramic sunroof that spans nearly the entire length of the roof. Seats are clad in full leather trim. 
The Tiggo’s seating is configurable to increase cargo space as needed. Even with all seats up, there’s 475 liters of cargo space in the Tiggo’s long and wide rear. The rear seats can split-fold. With the rear seat down, the cargo space is 1500 liters. The tailgate is power actuated, for hands-free opening and closing. 

Ride comfort
On the road, the Tiggo 7 Pro rides comfortably and is supremely quiet. Chery credits numerous and thickened road-noise supressing material for this. Even the aircon compressor, cooling fan and fuel pump were engineered to reduce noise. Thanks to its compact gasoline engine in place of the usual heavy diesel block, and the elecric power steering, the SUV feels lighter on its tires than pickup-truck based SUVs. The large electronic displays allow for near-instant information updates, and easy control of secondary features. 
Independent multi-link rear supension helps to keep the Tiggo Pro 7 well planted on the road, and forgiving of rough roads and bumps. 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/60 tires round out the chassis package. Safety features include ABS, EBD, ESP, brake assist, traction control, hill descent control , and hill start assist. Brake override cuts the accelerator response when the brake pedal is depressed at the same time. 

10 year / 1 million km engine warranty
Like the rest of the Chery lineup, the Tiggo 7 Pro is covered by the industry-first 10-year / 1 million km engine warranty and 5-year / 150,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty. It also includes a 3-year free preventive maintenance package, and 3-year free emergency roadside assistance.
Chery Motor’s new distributor United Asia Automotive Group employed a promising strategy when they relaunched the brand last year: Chery in the Philippines would carry an all-SUV lineup, each dubbed the Tiggo. The timing couldn’t have been better, as SUVs have grown in popularity in all subsegments—from entry level subcompacts to large seven-seaters to premium models of all sizes. The Tiggo Pro 7 is at the larger end of its range and carries plentiful features. The Tiggo 7 Pro was officially launched just last December at the first MIAS Wired virtual auto show. 

The feature-loaded Chery Tiggo 7 Pro comes  at just P1.198 million, a P70,000 premium over the Tiggo 7 Comfort which is priced at P1.128 million. 
“With its luxury SUV styling and premium features, we expect Chery Tiggo 7 Pro to be a gamechanger in the fast-growing compact crossover segment,” says Chery Auto Philippines President Rommel Sytin. 

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