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By Kenneth M. del Rosario 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought immense challenges to many businesses around the country, particularly the automotive industry, with many car dealerships struggling to move units out of showrooms. 
But the Nissan Autospeedygo Group is bucking the trend. The organization is going full steam ahead.
Established in 2016, the group has marked several milestones in the last several months, including its Nissan Marilao location recently bagging Nissan’s coveted Global Dealer of the Year award – a testament to the group’s commitment to deliver the highest quality of service to its customers.

“Our group likes to keep to ourselves, choosing to stay silent and very conservative with the things we do. We instead put our energy into making sure our customers get what they want – and more. After all, we’re not here for the party. We are here for the long run,” said Dex Co, chairman and CFO of Nissan Autospeedygo Group.
The Nissan Autospeedygo Group has combined dealer facilities of 1.2 hectares and around 400 employees, with its corporate mission “to serve and satisfy customers anchored on satisfaction, relationship and trust.”
The group recently took over the franchise of Metro Manila’s largest Nissan dealer – the Nissan North EDSA. Situated along the busiest road in the country, the car dealership covers almost 6,000 sq.m., making it one of the largest facilities in the country in terms of floor area.
Like Nissan Marilao, Nissan North EDSA is also a Dealer of the Year winner (back-to-back in 2015 and 2016). 

“Nissan has always been our group’s focal point. It being one of the country’s top car brands, easily recognized by just about every Filipino, works to our favor. We share the same vision – providing the best vehicles and experience to our customers. We are looking at moving 500 units per month in the coming years or maybe months, when things go back to normal,” said Vince Licup, Nissan Autospeedygo Group vice chairman and COO.
The group also opened Nissan Caloocan in December 2020 in a brand new dealer facility situated also along EDSA, another prime location.
“I have full confidence that Nissan Caloocan will do equally well, despite being situated near Nissan North EDSA. Caloocan has a far reach and a different set of market. Everyone, from our location, is ready to give it our all to make sure Nissan Caloocan becomes one of the top car dealers in the country,” said Jeremy Ballesteros, general manager of Nissan Caloocan.

Completing Nissan Autospeedygo Group’s North NCR locations is Nissan Valenzuela, scheduled to open on Feb. 28, 2021. Poised to be another busy car dealership, Nissan Valenzuela is a multi-level Showroom and Service Center along Mac-Arthur Highway. Once opened, the 2,000-sq.m. location will be the first Nissan Showroom that will sport Nissan’s newly refreshed global logo.
“We at the Nissan Autospeedygo Group follow our creed. Our customers are always our focal point. They are our boss. Then the business follows. That’s how it has always been and that’s how we intend to keep doing it for years to come,” said Noreen Joson Tiangco, general manager of Nissan Marilao and Nissan Valenzuela.
With such high energy from the staff and crew of each location, it would be interesting to see which one takes home the Dealer of the Year award in 2021. More importantly, it would be fascinating to watch the Nissan Autospeedygo Group overcome the many challenges the pandemic has brought to the motoring industry.
While car sales are still down – not only in the Philippines, but in much of the world, there remains to be a lot of opportunities for Nissan Autospeedygo Group to conquer. The organization is definitely excited to serve its car-loving patrons.
“The automotive business has proven its resilience, and our group has set our sights in achieving greater things with Nissan. The numbers look promising and we’re all very confident about the future of the business,” said Ato Mendoza, general manager of Nissan North EDSA.
Between winning the recent Dealer of the Year award and four Nissan dealerships (plus 10 other affiliate dealers covering five brands), the Nissan Autospeedygo Group’s future is looking to be a pretty nice joyride. In Nissan’s language, it means “X-Ziting” times ahead.

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