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Commercial vehicles—aka trucks and vans—perform much the same role as ox-carts did from pre-history to circa the late 1800s. Oxen were domesticated around 4000 BC, and were used around the world for transport. When the motor vehicle was invented, it rapidly became the new beast of burden, supplanting oxen by 1900. So 2021, the Year of the Ox, may bode well for commercial vehicles as the economy (hopefully) recovers some lost ground.
Feng shui consultant Richard Yu shared with us some tips on how to motor well this year: “This Metal Ox year (Feb. 13, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2022) will be a time when the burden of responsibility and the need for conscientious effort will weigh on us. A Spartan lifestyle—meaning more disciplined action and less of unhealthy discussions—will prove beneficial not just for our recovery but also for that much-needed progress in endeavors. Do note that vengeance must make it to your to-do list for this year!
“When selecting your choice of vehicle for this Ox year, it would be wise to opt for something proven, efficient and reliable. If possible it should also be utilitarian. Why is this so? For opportunities though plentiful will have limited windows. Thus, it is best if one not only quickly adapts but maximizes these moments of luck. A machine that cannot be relied upon well, will at the very least, burden you with frustration and stress. Such is best left covered and jacked in the garage for now – with the battery disconnected too.

“Your choice need not be a dull and boring vehicle. Something that helps you learn is best (and not so dependent on technology to address shortcomings.) What needs to think smart is you, not just the machine – and this applies even more to driving!
“For travel and even more so to driving this Ox year should be one of purpose and fulfillment of a mission. Absorb and factor how news developments may affect your schedule. Adapt quickly but not rashly when so required. With the Conflict Star lingering in the relationship, luck and the most evil star, 5 Yellow, waiting to curse wealth and luck, an inflexible mind and heart will only lead one to a deeper pit of despair.”
Mr. Yu shares that vehicle choices ideal for the Year of the Ox need not be limited to purely commercial vehicles such as pickups or cargo vans. One can choose a vehicle that’s versatile. A van with passenger seating up front, then a cargo area in the back could be very useful. So can a small hatchback like the Honda Jazz, which has rear seating area that can easily be reconfigured for cargo. 
“Windows of opportunity are short but plentiful, and of different types. So its not always just one business/market that will corner for opportunities this Ox year. We must bear in mind to be conscious of one’s purpose and mission plus to remain calm is in preparation for the Tiger year. A hot head this year may lead to one’s downfall next year. 
“This Ox year sets us on the road to recovery. Both as a person and as a traveler, it is best that we journey with calm and focus. With reliable tools and information, we will surely realize progress.”  Gong xi fa cai! 

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