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Suzuki Philippines, Incorporated [SPH] has introduced its own brand of Ecstar Suzuki Genuine Oils for its motorcycle, automobile and outboard motors.

“We at Suzuki Philippines Incorporated are continuously moving forward with means to provide a better experience to all Suzuki Owners. It is with great pride that we officially launch Ecstar Genuine Oil for Motorcycle, Outboard Marine and Automobile,” said Spare Parts Department Head Nonito Dayandante.

Ecstar has formulated to make sure it not only complies but exceeds the different demands for Suzuki engine requirements, whether for automobiles, motorcycles or outboard marine motors. Suzuki says it is also environmental-friendly and is committed to preserve the environment for future generations. Its blend of high performance synthetic base oil additives allows ensures its lubricants provide the best friction characteristics in engine detergency and thermo stability. 

Dayandante further added that “As the expectation towards our products evolves, the same attention to performance is required for durability and environmental protection. Suzuki has precisely re-formulated Ecstar to satisfy and exceed these requirements. It is with excitement that Suzuki owners will now be able to experience an enhanced Suzuki performance with Ecstar Genuine Oil.  While we are not sure what the future holds, we can only promise that we will keep moving forward with our Dear Customers, Dealers and Partners”

Since the components inside these engines repeat rotational and back-and-forth motions, having the right engine oil is needed to lubricate these components and ensure optimum performance. It also cools the engine, cleans and protects its internal structure. Suzuki advises that the engine oil should be checked once a week or at each time you refill the petrol to replace the oil before it degrades. Ecstar’s formulation creates the high performance and meets the severest fuel economy standards for Suzuki engines. Suzuki claims that it can expect the improvement in fuel consumption by up to 5%. Having a good internal cleaning performance also extends the engine life by preventing sludge and deposits.

The Ecstar Fully Synthetic 0W20 engine oil has ultra-high fuel-efficient and fully-synthetic technology engine oil best for Suzuki gasoline engines as it gives maximum engine protection, giving your engine the optimal performance and ultra-high efficiency and is priced at P570.00 per liter.  Its Ecstar Fully Synthetic 10W-40 MA2 engine oil for motorcycles is priced at P550.00 while the Ecstar Genuine Oil 10W-40, MA at P190.00 and MB priced at P230.00 The Ecstar Fully Synthetic 10W-40 4T engine oil for its marine outboard motors are priced at P395.00. The Ecstar lubricants are now available in all Suzuki Authorized Dealerships nationwide.

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