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If you are an avid car lover, then Supercar Blondie should not be alien to you. Alex Hirschi, the Dubai-based Australian lass who has been test driving and reviewing high end sports and luxury car reviews full-time since 2016. 

Her social media accounts are brimming with followers and fans – 36 million on Facebook, 8.7 million on Instagram, 5.84 million on YouTube. And they are all after her layman’s point of view style of reviewing cars. 

Apparently, Hirschi also happens to have a soft heart for Filipinos. She gave her Filipina employee, Aveline,  a bundle of cash for her son’s college fund just six months ago. And more recently, she gifted another Filipino OFW with a brand new Hyundai Elantra for his hard work.

The video of the surprise started with a Filipino named Jeric, was supposedly invited for a photo shoot with fellow employees. The social media star then emerges from hiding and tells Jeric how all his colleagues shared with her how hard he works. “You’ve had a rough time this last year, things haven’t always gone right. And you’ve always had a smile on your face, which is just so amazing,” continues Hirschi. All the while, the starstruck Jeric could not hide his tears as he listened to Hirschi.

Hirschi then presents Jeric a brand new Hyundai Elantra mounted on a flatbed tow truck while saying, “Jeric, you are such a deserving person for what’s just about to happen.” She then shows the car to Jeric and says, “This is yours.”

The touching handover left Jeric shocked and speechless as his co-workers and even Hirschi herself, started to clap and cheer for him.

The brand new Elantra from Hyundai Middle East and UAE was so new, even the plastics that covered its seats had to be taken off by Jeric himself. He then can be seen speaking to his mother in the Philippines on a phone call. His mom could not believe what was happening herself as Jeric began to shed tears of joy again. 

Jeric’s boss, Abir, made it all possible by nominating him for the gift. She could be seen with Hirschi happy and touched by her employee’s appreciation of what had just happened. Jeric has been working in the Middle East for his mom who lives alone after his father passed away. And Abir praised Jeric’s work and lighthearted attitude over the last three years despite the salary cut due to the pandemic and even his ongoing health issues. “Jeric, I’m very, very, very, happy for you. I love you,” says Abir. 

Supercar Blondie once again tugs at the heartstrings of Filipinos everywhere as she continues to recognize the hard work and good-natured spirit of OFWs who struggle in foreign lands to make ends meet at home. 

The full video of the surprise handover can be seen on the Supercar Blondie Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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