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A golfing, biking, running, family-centered weekend with Lexus Manila president Raymond Rodriguez

Raymond T. Rodriguez, the president of Lexus Manila, Inc., is a weekend golfer like no other: he plays golf with his own family.  In his case, his wife is not a golf widow and his children are not golf orphans.
But playing golf is not the only weekend activity that keeps RTR (as he is known in Toyota PH-Lexus circles) physically fit and looking younger than his age.
RTR has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, starting his career with Toyota Motor PH Corp. (TMP) as a Localization Engineer in the Manufacturing Division.  After some years, he moved to TMP’s Marketing Division to work for After-Sales & Vehicle Operations.
Assignment to the Toyota Motor Asia-Pacific regional office in Singapore followed, where he gained more experience in Marketing & Sales.  When he returned in 2017, he was promoted to president of Lexus Manila, Inc., the only Lexus dealer in the country.  Since Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan, it’s like RTR never left TMP.
MORE ACTIVE.  Now 54, RTR says that he has been more active on weekends in recent years in order to keep healthy.  Aside from golf, he runs, walks outdoors, goes biking, and works out in the gym.
“I’m pleased that my wife and children share my interest in playing golf,” he says.  “So this is something we do together when we have the time and chance.”
RTR also goes biking on weekends, using either a mountain bike or an electric bike.  His fitness schedule begins with waking up earlier to do morning runs or walks.  His house has a gym in the basement where he tries to work out three times a week.

Rodriguez getting ready to bike.
The family that plays golf together….
Rodriguez and his family eating the famous fish and chips of Marstrand, Sweden.

He shares his weekend with his family not only by playing golf with them when possible, but by driving out-of-town with them. His Lexus RX450 hybrid SUV (seen in main photo) comfortably accommodates all the Rodriguezes. Before the pandemic restricted travel, their favorite local destinations were Batangas and Zambales.
Now that local and foreign vacation trips are no longer allowed, on weekends RTR and his family take their dogs (mini poodles) for a walk in their immediate community, grill backyard barbecue, and participate in various exercises like jump rope sessions and similar activities. Sometimes on a weekend, you will find RTR and his family making face shields to donate to the parish church to help combat Covid-19. 
INTERMITTENT FASTING.  RTR supplements his fitness regimen with a diet.  “I practice Intermittent Fasting which is basically not having breakfast,” he reveals.  “My fasting periods can range between 14 to 16 hours.  I believe this is a very effective way to reduce weight and stay healthy.  Plus I have no restrictions at all in my diet.”
But RTR’s weekend pastimes are not limited to sports and exercise. Perhaps because of his engineering background, “I’m really into technology. I recently installed CCTVs and just had my home solar project completed.  These things are so easily monitored through my phone, so I can easily check the conditions and situation at home.” 
The close of a weekend day is usually spent watching TV with the family. The Rodriguezes watch on-demand shows and platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.  RTR’s favorite programs are sports-driven, like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), F1, NBA and Golf.   “Of course, I also watch CNN, BBC and Bloomberg for news consumption,” says Raymond T. Rodriguez.

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