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Bull jumping was probably invented by the Ethiopians some 300 years ago as a rite of passage for manhood and marriage. Today’s video we see a Street Speed 717 take a Lamborghini Urus valued at about P30million and safely and ably jump over a Lamborghini Aventador valued at about P50million on a YouTube viral stunt video. In the last 24 hours since it was uploaded, it had already garnered some 280,000 views. 

Thankfully, no real bulls were harmed (or any other dude) during this event and it shows how well-built these luxury high performance SUVs are. The Urus was driven at a high speed and as you can see on the video, it landed quite smoothly on all fours as if it just went through a speed bump. 

Street Speed 717 whose name is Mike is a car YouTuber and his channel has over a million subscribers and according to some sites, he gets an average of over 100,000 views daily and aside from revenues from YouTube he also sells car themed merchandise on his site. So how can he afford to risk a million-dollar stunt like that? Some estimate that Mike makes something like $240,000 annually from making these low-cost but high-risk video productions and speculate that he uses financing to purchase the vehicles he uses and flips them later on. It’s a financially risky was of promoting oneself online but he seems to have a good knack at doing it and enjoying what he does for a living. Earlier this year, he took his Ram 1500 TRX and jumped over a stream on YouTube dubbed as “Goodbye T-Rex”. 

Jumping over bulls or bodies of water didn’t give him a rite of passage to his manhood, but we think he livelihood depended on it. There must be a much better way to earn a living, but you rock, Mike !

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