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Among the RS models released by Audi Sport, the all-new Audi RS Q8 is considered its flagship as it combines record-setting performance and superb design with the space and versatility of a luxury SUV. 
The Audi RS Q8 also leads the Audi Sport lineup in the Philippines. 
Here are five remarkable things about the Audi RS Q8:
1. It holds a Nurburgring fastest lap record.
Audi Sport tests and fine-tunes every new RS model at the famed Nurburgring track in Germany, with each high-performance vehicle undergoing at least 8,000 kilometers of evaluation and development work. This way, Audi Sport determines how RS models’ powertrain and suspension components perform under extreme conditions.
The Audi RS Q8 logged more than 18,000 kilometers of endurance testing at the Nurburgring’s legendary North Loop, during which process it set the fastest lap time for production SUVs. The Audi RS Q8 lapped the demanding 20.832-kilometer track in 7 minutes and 42.253 seconds—a record yet to be beaten.
2. It has the biggest brakes among all Audi models.
Besides power and handling, another factor that allows RS models their benchmark-setting performance is their ability to stop. In the Audi RS Q8, this comes from RS ceramic brakes whose 10-piston calipers grab massive vented discs measuring 440 millimeters at the front wheels and 370 millimeters at the rear. The ceramic construction means these do not get too heated even under repeated hard braking, and so can deliver stopping power more consistently and effectively. 
3. It can change driving character via the RS Mode button on the steering wheel.  
The Audi RS Q8 offers eight driving profiles, each distinct in character from the other. Selectable via the Audi drive select dynamic handling system are comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency, all-road and off-road modes, as well as two RS-specific modes—RS1 and RS2. 
4. It has massive 23-inch wheels to match its adaptive air suspension system.  
Fitted to the Audi RS Q8 are 23-inch cast aluminum wheels in five-spoke rotor design. These huge wheels wrapped in high-performance tires not only provide superior stability and traction, but also add to the handling capabilities afforded by the vehicle’s adaptive air suspension sport with controlled damping system. Allowing for a setup biased toward comfort or for extremely sporty driving, the system uses sensors to measure the movements of the Audi RS Q8’s body. 
  5. Its performance is complemented by a suite of intuitive technologies.
Equipped with a comprehensive range of driver-assist technologies, the Audi RS Q8 also offers special RS displays for infotainment systems like the MMI and the Audi virtual cockpit. These provide information on tire pressure, torque and power output, engine temperature, lap times and g-forces, among others. Standard to the model as well is the Audi smartphone interface that lets the varied functions of Apple Car Play and Android Auto devices be seamlessly accessed via wireless connection. 
To know more about the all-new 2021 Audi RS Q8, contact 09178062946 for Audi Centre Greenhills; 09179354111 for Audi Centre BGC; 09178139064 for Audi Centre Westgate Alabang; and 09178423419 for Audi Centre Seaside Cebu. You may also e-mail sales@audi.ph.

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