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During this time of pandemic, hospitals and in many cases, barangay health outposts, rely on a steady supply of COVID-19 vaccines to care for patients. And transporting these goods can be a complex logistical process.
As the whole world knows by now, temperature plays a key part in the viability of these vaccines and this makes refrigerated vans an essential form of transport.
However, accurate and reliable refrigerated vans need high specification equipment and comprehensive maintenance services.
“As the country fast-tracks the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, we are faced with challenges in transporting these essentials to their destinations. To ensure a reliable mobility solution in pharmaceutical transport, FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) offers the Tornado Ref Vans. Since we started operations, we have been committed to always bring the top levels of mobility. This van is built using components from world-known brands. The Tornado Ref Van tapped the best technologies in order to bring goods—most especially vaccines—fast, safe, and in its optimal condition to its intended recipients,” said FMPI President Rommel Sytin.
He added that the transportation of vaccines is a critical service that has been responsible for saving lives the world over. “From the moment these vaccines leave the manufacturer until they end up with the administering medical professional, many steps are necessary to ensure the safety of the vaccine.”

Transport ref pioneer
Sytin said the Tornado Ref Vans rely on Thermo King, which pioneered transport refrigeration 80 years ago. Depending on the requirements, FOTON has two models of Tornado Ref Van to choose  from:
—the Tornado M4.2C Ref Van is FOTON PH’s biggest and toughest delivery vehicle and comes with a refrigerated storage area that can go for as low as -20 degrees Celsius, a critical temperature for mobile refrigerated vans for the special purpose of transporting temperature-sensitive medicines.
With a 14-foot long body, the Tornado M4.2C Ref Van has a generous payload of 4.2 tons.
It is powered by a 3.8-liter ISF diesel engine that generates a maximum power output of 154hp and a robust maximum torque of 500Nm. —the Tornado M2.6C Ref Van on the other hand, features a compartment area capable of maintaining temperatures for as low as -18 degrees Celsius.
The 12-foot-long Tornado M2.6C Ref Van is a competent workhorse powered by a world-class Cummins 2.8L ISF diesel engine that produces maximum power of 129hp and maximum torque of 310Nm.
The Tornado M2.6C Ref Van offers a huge payload capacity of 2.6 tons and can carry thousands of vaccines in a single drive and swiftly deliver them to different destinations around the country.
“The   distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the country will rely in part on a small circle of logistics or trucking companies with the experience and equipment needed to deliver the fragile doses intact on critical legs of the rollout. With Tornado M2.6C Ref Van and Tornado M2.6C Ref Van variants that we have, we offer these companies, as well as other organizations, with reliable refrigerated delivery van models.
He added that FOTON has always relied on Cummins engines to power its vehicles. “Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), the 102-year-old Cummins is a global power leader design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions from diesel and natural gas engines to hybrid and electric platforms, as well as related technologies, so our customers should feel confident when driving our trucks,” assured Sytin.

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