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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic restricting most non-essential travel and movement, driving has taken a backseat for many. While tire maintenance may not be on top of everyone’s mind these days, Bridgestone Philippines reminds everyone to continue to give importance to such considering tire performance impacts road safety, the well-being of people and communities, as well as economic growth and prosperity. 
With the “Safer Road For All: Always in All Ways 2021” campaign, Bridgestone PH reminded Filipinos to look out for the remainder of 2021. The company aims to elevate the coverage and importance of road safety in the lives of Filipinos, hence, “Always in All Ways” and providing the market with superior quality tires reminds the public of Bridgestone’s mission since its foundation. 
Together with this campaign Bridgestone PH is offering hassle-free tire maintenance on their warranty program.
Bridgestone PH offers a Limited Warranty program that covers all Bridgestone brand passenger and light truck tires (except “temporary use” spare tires). One can enjoy hassle-free tire maintenance for seven years under certain conditions. To keep this valid, it is the owner’s obligations to perform regular tire inspection and maintenance practices such as but not limited to: operating tires at the proper inflation pressures as specified by the vehicle manufacturer and within tire vehicle load capacity and speed limitations, and; maintaining proper wheel alignment and tire/wheel assembly balance. 
Bridgestone PH reminds that tire adjustments under this Limited Warranty, including those for Bridgestone Run-Flat tires, should only be made at an authorized retailer. Any Bridgestone PH retailer is expected to provide proper guidance on how to go about warranty claims, perform tire adjustments, and more.
The Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and is valid if all of the following are met:
* The tire was purchased from an official Bridgestone Retailer
* The tire is a size and speed rating equivalent to or greater than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
* The tire has been used only on the vehicle on which it was originally installed.
* The tire has not been used in commercial service.
* The tire has not been imported or manufactured from South America and South Africa.
Should a tire become unusable for any reason that is within the warranty claim, Bridgestone PH will replace it with an equivalent new tire either free of charge or for a prorated amount. For more information about tire warranties, promos, latest news, and more, visit website bridgestonetires.com.ph.

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