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She’s already carving a name for herself in the Motorcycle riding community, as she’s being seen mixing it up with the boys on long rides that span practically both North and South on a regular basis- and that is, when she’s not with the various Ladies only Motorcycle clubs that she’s a part of. She’s also getting quite popular with her Vlog, Motokonek- and it’s all due to her infectious passion for riding big bikes… yes, those that men who don’t ride, crane their necks to get a good look at when stuck in traffic.
Her name is Rica Sison, and for as long as she can remember, she’s always gravitated towards rides that only have 2 wheels. She’s got an admirable day job as a senior marketing professional for a company that deals with kids and babies’ products, so that explains how she adeptly picked up on popularizing her Vlog- add to that her amiable and “one of the boys” personality and vibe that make her click easily with anyone she talks to, when it comes to bikes and riding. I’ve come across her only on Social Media, and before we even communicated, I’ve seen her saddling some of the most desirable big bikes a lot of us simply aspire to own, with a sigh. It didn’t take long before we “konek’d”…

The Triumph Bobber is a favorite 

“I’m a tip-toer” she started off, explaining how she ends up riding bikes that’d be intimidating for most people in terms of their bulk and ride height. At 5’3”, she’s not exactly short in Asian standards, but having a petite frame with that height on bikes that average 750cc of displacement, the combination either makes the bike look bigger, or her, smaller. But obviously, she manages quite fine, and she’s been through an amazing list of bikes that started with a Harley Davidson Street 750, a Ducati 795, a Ducati Scrambler Icon, a Triumph Bobber, then her latest acquisition fresh from its official launch just last weekend, a BMW GS F750 40 Years adventure bike (shown in main photo). That last one being the tallest and bulkiest of the lot. All I can mutter, was “dang”.

She fell in love with bikes at an early age

Rica says, to partly explain why she’s gone through quite a diverse selection of big bikes- “you have to pick a ride that really resonates with you, a ride that you’ll know is the ONE when you get to experience it”. Hence, the reason why she snapped up that humongous BMW despite her having to max out her tiptoeing capacity. Obviously, it’s the one that’ll take her to farther and even more exotic locations, especially due to its all-terrain capability. It’ll pose a new challenge for her and she’s definitely up for it. Rica says her advocacy of empowering women riders also adds to her motivation to ride even more, as she’s become their unofficial spokesperson and ambassador, and she’s more than glad to bring them to the fore. She may be diminutive, but her riding spirit is definitely indomitable. Give her a thumbs-up when you see her on the road. Chances are, you’ll get it back. Little Miss BIG BIKE passing through, yo!

With latest acquisition fresh from its official launch just last weekend, a BMW GS F750 40 Years adventure bike  
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