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Up to P1M worth of prizes await Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup winners

Up to P1M worth of prizes await Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup winners

Charles Buban

Ready to accumulate up to P1 million worth of prizes? Cyber racers of the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup only need to run through the different stages of the virtual circuit to earn points and score a win.
A cash prize plus a brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 await the overall champion of the National Finals while the 2nd and 3rd placers also get exciting gadgets and gear including a high-powered tablet and a much-loved gaming chair.
“We are eager to bring Waku Doki in the Filipino homes especially in the trying times where almost everyone is encouraged to stay safe at home. It is equally a wonderful time for emerging Filipino gamers and champions to hone their talent and win the GR GT Cup. We are excited to meet the fastest Filipino driver this year,” said Toyota Motor Philippines (TNP) VP for Marketing Services Elijah Marcial.
The establishment of Toyota Gazoo Racing is a testament to Toyota’s unyielding passion for auto racing. The Toyota GR GT Cup is a follow-up to Toyota Motor Philippines’ highly successful Vios Cup. This time, racers of any age can enjoy Waku Doki or the power of a thrill, even in the comforts of their own home. “Both professional and novice drivers can experience the same fun and excitement as the real one,” Marcial added.

Prizes for finishers
Finishers in the national rounds of the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup also get gaming gears and coveted devices including gaming steering wheel, portable gaming console, a high-definition gaming headset as well as top-tier gaming monitors. Tablets, smart home devices and portable action cameras are also at stake.
A PlayStation Gaming Headset, gaming mouse, gaming drive shifter, plus smart home devices are also up for grabs for the winners of the Junior and Special racing categories.
Racers only need to accumulate as many points as possible by entering and re-qualifying for all rounds that started last Friday, April 30 and ends June 2021. Interested players can still join the Round 2 with the Leaderboard race starting on May 28 and the Race Heat on May 29.
Round 3 Leaderboard Race starts on June 18 while the Final Heat happens the next day, June 19, where winners will be announced.
Participants can register in eligible classes from Sporting (Professional), Promotional (Non-professional), and Junior (17 years old and below).
Marcial explained that GR GT Cup serves as an expansion of Toyota’s love of building ever-better cars and giving the experience of Waku Doki even for those who aren’t able to push their pedals against the real racing tracks.
Fans and enthusiasts can watch the races on the official Facebook page of Toyota Motor Philippines ( To view the full mechanics, visit for more information and details. Learn more about Toyota Gazoo Racing by following Toyota Gazoo Racing Philippines on Facebook to get the latest on the GR-Series vehicles.