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You probably gave your mom flowers or chocolates today, but given how our lives have changed in the last year and forward, your mom might need more than just the sweet stuff, having done such a fantastic job being the teacher, home cook, resident farmer and shrink.
If most of us have mental health issues to the point that people are breaking up, having panic attacks, etc., imagine how mothers feel. It’s not that I’m belittling the contribution of fathers. That’s a different story altogether, but mothers have the burden of the world on their shoulders in the last couple of months. They had to take care of home and, if working, the office as well.
Being a mom is a thankless job, or should I say the ROI is about 25 years when your kids have their kids. At that time, they would realize what kind of sacrifices a mother has to make to keep the harmony in the lives connected to theirs. It might be the butt of all jokes how mothers, when they get older, become impatient, stubborn, and hard to please, or that they are the bad cop for not wanting to give you sweets or giving you extra time to play video games. Imagine being stuck in a job that doesn’t pay you enough and unappreciated for 20-30. How would you feel?
So to honor all the mothers out there, I made a list of “Let’s make it up to Mom gifts” which can be given anytime.

Lexus RX 350L (main photo)
Suppose there is something moms can’t get enough of its space. Space is the only limiting thing to what a mother can do. Whether it is getting more people in the car or getting more stuff in, The Lexus RX350 L, with the addition of length to ensure more headroom and leg space for their passenger on the third row, coupled with a powered tailgate (meaning hands-free), is something moms will appreciate. Another feature that moms take into consideration is safety and fuel efficiency. The Lexus boasts a high-strength collision-absorbing body structure, comes with ten sensor-controlled SRS airbags that line the entire cabin and even parking assist.
Being a former Lexus owner, the drivability and ride comfort of the Lexus SUV has always felt hassle-free, which gives moms more headspace to deal with her kids.

Mercedes Benz GLA
Another SUV that gives moms the versatility of being stylish without sacrificing being active. This entry-level SUV comes with masculine styling, and a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine produces 163 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. It comes paired with a 7G dual-clutch automatic transmission with cruise control and standard with front-wheel drive. With DYNAMIC SELECT, one console control calls up a range of performance profiles such as” ECO,” “Comfort,” “Sport,” and Individual. It also has an ECO Start/Stop system that automatically shuts off the engine when you’re at stoplights or idling. This system helps save on fuel and reduces emissions.
Compact enough to provide a hassle-free drive and powerful enough to give moms the versatility and freedom to move around.

Gruenheim Steam Vacuum
One of the best investments I made during the pandemic is buying my steam system to complement my high-powered water-filtered vacuum. It is the best cleaning tandem a mom can want. Professionals cleaners typically use the German-made Gruenheim brand in the country. With this tandem, one can shampoo and steam beds, sofa, and car interior without calling a professional. Say goodbye to dust mites, allergen, and viruses, and say hello to peace of mind.

A shopping spree in My Happy Home
Happy Ongpauco-Tiu’s well-curated dining goodies are a platita’s Disneyland. Filled with plates, home decor, and unique appliances, a mother would feel truly loved to spend an afternoon there with a budget to spare. Since bags and shoes have become passe because of the lockdown, plates have become a Mom’s new luxury.

High-tech airfyer/pressure cooker
We all have our weaknesses, and mine is all about small appliances. I’ve had an air fryer for about six years now, with the first one bought and brought home from Singapore. I have used Philips (a bit on the pricy side) to the Baumann Living Pressure cooker inspired by the Instapot. My latest acquisition is a Ninja Foodie, a pressure cooker/air fryer/ dehydrator and can do frozen one-pot dishes with a crispy finish. Although this is acquired in the US, its counterparts with lower price points are available.
Happy Mothers Day!

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