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The new Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe and Convertible is the brand’s pinnacle of performance in grand touring and it the most dynamic road-going Bentley ever made.

Its highly advanced chassis has four new core technologies to give these grand tourers the ultimate level of agility, performance speed and ride quality. With acceleration from 0-100kph in just 3.6 seconds, it reaches at top speed of 335 kph.

It also has a massive stopping power using ten piston front calipers and huge 440mm diameter brakes which is considered the largest for any production car in the world. Bentley uses the latest generation of carbon-ceramic disc has been specially formulated to provide class-leading braking performance with copper-free brake friction material for reduced environmental impact.

The new brake system has been widely tested around the world to simulate various road conditions, including the ultimate sporting test track, the Nurburgring Nordschleife where it set levels of braking performance never before achieved by a Bentley. It also conducted objective tests on the ceramic brake and it has proven itself to be exceptionally fade resistant.

The famous Bentley Dynamic Ride and three-chamber active air suspension with adaptive damping plays a key role in the balance of the car and provide a solid foundation to build upon.  With its optional and newly-developed Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Variable Electronic Stability Control, All Wheel Steering, and an Electronic Limited Slip Differential it will even increase its agility and performance even further. Ride comfort has always been a centerpiece and with the “comfort” mode, overall grip is well-balanced between the front and rear wheels, while in “sport” mode power will be calibrated with a more rear-biased torque–split in all driving scenarios.

Bentley says that its Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system gives the driver more leeway to experience an even greater level of freedom before the GT Speed’s safety systems intervene to correct any anomalies. With the ESC system engaged, the car provides reassuring stability over uneven surfaces, abnormal cambers or in inclement weather conditions. When switched to Dynamic mode, the ESC system extends the freedom of the driver, allowing the experienced pilot to set and alter the cornering stance of the car at their discretion.

Thanks to its new Electronic All-Wheel Steering, it gives the GT Speed further enhances in the dynamic nature in each of its driving modes. Even at low and medium speeds, the GT Speed’s rear wheels are steered in the opposite direction to the front wheels to aid a rapid change of direction, noticeably increasing the feeling of nimbleness even for a vehicle of this size.  The steering also feels sharper and with a quicker ratio, and a commensurate increase in steering feel provides even more driver confidence. At high speeds, the rear wheels will steer in the same direction as the front, to improve stability. Electronic Limited Slip Differential

The GT Speed’s torque distribution is designed to vary across the powertrain depending on the the selected Drive Mode. For the Comfort and Bentley Mode, the system can send up to 36% of torque to the front axle to made the car more sure-footed and make it more effortless in driving. This will also make it to counter oversteer by applying up to 400 Nm to the front wheels. In the Sport Mode, the system limits the available torque to the front axles to 28%, and maintains a higher torque level at the rear axle and to give the driver a more dynamic feel.

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