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With all that has been going on for over a year, much of the automotive assessment and awards community has been unable to properly do what they normally do. At the same time though, there have been some interesting changes.
Because there were no real big physical shows, it was a challenge to do the assessments and nominations for the Future Mobility of the Year Awards organized by the global think tank university KAIST, because the big brands have not all brought out their big news pieces. However, and perhaps this is a more important sign of the times, smaller groups have been able to make headway in terms of showing some rather inventive vehicles. One thing is clear, inventiveness and creativity are very much a part of the “new fuel” era of electric and alternative vehicles.
Some big name cars were presented and explained in detail by their designers and engineers for us. Cars like the Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept is a strong contender for the top prizes in the Private Vehicle category, But so is the very retro-cool Alpha Ace. The Gordon Murray Design MOTIVE doesn’t look anything like the swoops speedy cars you would expect from the famous name. And perhaps a big surprise is the fact that Hyundai seems to be channeling the soul of American muscle with their Genesis Concept X.
The Public and Commercial Vehicle category brings some surprises as well. For one, there’s a Porsche in it. The Porsche Concept Van actually seems to take its vision from racetrack support vehicles but adds some serious flexibility in terms of possible use. The MINI Vision Urbanaut Concept looks pretty much exactly what an urbanaut vehicle would look like. A really popular surprise is from out of nowhere, the Canoo EV Pickup truck. It is a clearly independent vision that supposedly begins by answering specific needs in very purposeful ways, and is quite interesting to learn about. Who would have thought pickup trucks could become even more utilitarian? 

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