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The Volkswagen T-Cross targets modern and active millennials with “multi-faceted” lifestyles

Last week, Volkswagen Philippines confirmed that the initial batch of its first “global SUV” in the country, the T-Cross—had finally arrived at the Manila port, thus further adding to the hype over what could be the Ayala-backed company’s ticket out of its current sales slump.
Volkswagen PH has pulled out all the stops for the T-Cross, extolling the praises heaped on its global sales performance since its market introduction in 2019, and highlighting rave reviews from auto critics.
The T-Cross has backed up its claims. Placing a highly respectable 3rd out of 10 in the 2020 reliability survey in Europe, earning a 5-star NCAP rating, and being awarded by various auto-related organizations multiple times.
Will the T-Cross that has been hailed overseas be the same T-Cross offered in the country come May 26? This writer asked Volkswagen Philippines president Felipe Estrella this during the April 21 roundtable discussion.
“Yes. This is a Volkswagen vehicle, designed and engineered by Volkswagen, and built to Volkswagen standards. Perhaps, one of the differences of the Philippine T-Cross is that we will have the longer wheelbase variant, which is I think better for the local market, but certainly expected to perform, and be just as reliable, as any other T-Cross that’s produced and sold and marketed across the world,” he replied.
It’s also quite clear who the T-Cross is intended to end up with. Cocooned in a trendy design and youthful interior layout, the T-Cross is said to reflect a sophisticated yet fun sense of style which would allow the owner to carry along “loads of passions and pursuits, as well as the tools for (its owner’s) continuing success.”
In other words, the T-Cross is designed and engineered for modern and active millennials with “multi-faceted” lifestyles. For those quick to the draw (of their checkbooks), by May 26—the day T-Cross officially holds its coming-out party—a gleaming, fun-colored unit might very well be already parked in their garage.
Josh Altarejos, product strategy and planning head for AC Motors, cited other key points about the T-Cross that would make it a hit with a new generation of Filipino motorists.
“The T-Cross would be available with a panoramic sunroof, which gives a better glimpse of the world outside, giving occupants a better sense of airiness inside the cabin. In terms of size, though it is compact, it has the longest wheelbase in the 5-seater subcompact SUV. It can fit 5 persons plus the additional rear cargo of 329 liters, and if you fold down the rear seats that’s roughly a thousand more liters of cargo space. In terms of comfort, every VW is known for its comfort, so you need to drive and feel it when you get to see the car. Little niceties such as the power one-touch power window switches would give you that additional comfort. For that youthful vibe, you would imagine young families would want charger devices at the back and with ample space to accommodate the passengers.”
He went on. “Of course, right at the center would be a 9.2-inch infotainment system with Apple Car play and app connect with mirror link function, useful especially now with users who are geared towards more connectivity and functionality. Finally, in terms of safety, the T-Cross was awarded the 5-star NCAP rating: EuroNCAP, Australasia NCAP, and Latin NCAP.”
Reservations for the T-Cross are ongoing, with those making their reservations before the May 26 public launch enjoying an outright P30,000 discount off the introductory prices of the T-Cross 180 MPI AT S (from P1.098 million to P1.068 million) and the 180 MPI AT SE (from P1.198 million to P1.168 million).

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