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Mitsubishi L300 continues undaunted with improved chassis and engine

Mitsubishi L300 continues undaunted with improved chassis and engine

Jason K. Ang

The moment of déjà vu was worthy of a trip in a time machine. That was when the first L300 truck rolled out of Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation’s (MMPC) Santa Rosa plant. The delivery van looks very similar to the L300 we have known since the 1980s, but it was a newly-assembled truck that’s ready to join MMPC’s charge to the future.
The L300 has been a mainstay of Mitsubishi’s lineup, serving as passenger van and delivery transport for decades. The reliability of the L300 can easily be attested by the sheer number you still see on the streets today. MMPC has produced more than 200,000 units of L300, and has sold over 200,000 units  as well. The updated L300 began production at MMPC’s new Santa Rosa facility in the 4th quarter of 2019. The Santa Rosa factory then implemented double shifts to increase production of the L300 alongside the Mirage G4.

Although it looks appropriately timeless, the new L300 has received upgrades to make it fit for the new decade. The engine is now a Euro-4 certified unit. The 2.2-liter 4N14 turbodiesel outputs 98hp and 200Nm (at 1,000-3,500 rpm). There’s now 40% more power and torque, with a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. The diesel now features electronic common-rail injection system, and a DOHC, 16-valve cylinder head. The L300’s chassis has been strengthened with structural adhesives to improve rigidity. This enables the L300 to carry up to 1,215 kg over harsh roads. The L300 can also be configured to transport up to 17 passengers (including the driver) with optional rear body.  
This gives confidence to business owners like Ric Joseph Incognito. Incognito treats his L300 FB as a reliable business partner. The 32-year old head of a trucking company was so impressed with his first L300 that he bought a second one to expand his capacity.

“For me, as an owner of an L300 FB, I find the engine okay for its purpose, says the entrepreneur. He adds, “It is reliable and is low-maintenance compared to other brands. It is also a strong hauler while being affordable and easy to own. This makes the L300 great for businesses and even for family use.”

“When it comes to durability, the L300 is a leader. The mere fact that you see so many old L300s still on the streets is clear proof of its toughness. The L300 is so sturdy and reliable that it has become an ideal vehicle whether for business or family use,”

Ric Joseph Incognito, business owner

That’s a sentiment that’s been shared by hundreds of thousands of buyers over the past 38 years. Another big plus is that the Mitsubishi L300 is assembled in the Philippines. This helps ensure that parts and service are readily available.
“It is very important for me that the vehicle I use is made in the Philippines,” says Incognito. “Because it can be relied upon versus other brands that are imported,” he explains.  “Another thing is the availability of parts. Because the vehicle is assembled locally, it is easy to repair the L300 since all the parts are easy to find,” says Incognito.

The L300 is set to do its part while the country recovers from the pandemic. “This achievement is a reflection of the resiliency of MMPC. Despite the current challenges that we are facing due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are still geared to provide the market with quality vehicles that can assist them in their transportation and business needs. We are also creating flexible payment programs for easy ownership experience. MMPC is committed to work inspired and stay optimistic about the future,” said Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Philippine Corporation.

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Sales of the L300 continue to be strong, with MMPC recording 1060 units sold in March 2021, an 11% increase versus the previous month. The L300 has been showing a steady sales growth since January 2021, hopefully a sign that businesses, too, are recovering. L300 currently owns  49% market share.

“We are truly happy that the L300 is performing well during these trying times. We believe that the sales performance of its segment is a reflection of how well the economy is recovering given that the primary use of the vehicle is for business. The continuous patronage of a locally produced vehicle like the L300 also helps the Philippine economy as it provides jobs to local talents and generates substantial revenue for the country. Our customers can rest assured that the L300 is highly dependable and we are committed to provide excellent service to deliver convenient ownership experience,” adds Oshikiri.

The Mitsubishi L300 is included in the current Mitsubishi Hot Summer Deals promo where you can avail of the L300 for a low all-in down payment of P88,000. To know more about the L300 and its promo offers, you may visit or schedule an appointment with your preferred Mitsubishi Motors dealership. All dealerships follow strict health and safety protocols that will assure you of a worry-free visit.